The photo that terrified me (transfiguration)

Many many years back I had got a new phone and was testing it out and had one of my episodes of weirdness where I was doing stuff in my sleep.

I had taken a photo while asleep of myself and when I saw it I was terrified, i recognised it immediately as one of Jack the rippers victims

I had been watching a documentary the night before, 

It took me years before I was able to look at this photo again


Ripper victim Mary Ann

For ages I was petrified that it was a premonition that I was about to die.

Later I came to realise that it was something called “transfiguration” where a spirit manages to form its facial features over a living person,and I have been able to do it a handful of times since.

Maybe she spoke to me in my sleep,I don’t know because unfortunately I didnt remember my dreams that night.

It is interesting however that a few years later I got contact with another murder victim named Mary Ann who trusted me so much she showed herself as a full apparition on 35mm film (see blog titled “Mary Ann the spirit who trusted”)

Transfiguration is pretty scary and something that ” physical mediums ” use,I once appeared to my whole team looking like a stern faced teacher (same surname as the ripper victim !!) While doing a mirror scrying experiment.

I once transfigured as my Gran

Which relatives present all noticed

I even captured my husband transfigured on a photo at a derelict airbase once, we could not work out why he looked Japanese ,but in depth research later showed us that important Japanese dignitaries had once visited there.



9 thoughts on “The photo that terrified me (transfiguration)

  1. HOLY CRAP On A Cracker!!!!
    I am blown away…….and sort of freaked out Sis.
    When I was a member of OCHA religion years ago; I witnessed ‘transfiguration’ & even did it a few times myself……
    No wonder you were freaked out; you are spitting image of Ripper victim! *shudders*


    1. I know ,I hate how I even look dead ,all waxy ,ewwww ,admitted it was a really bad camera but even so,its still possibly the scariest thing ever I have seen happen to myself, can you imagine when I found that photo the next day ? I do believe I launched my phone across the room lol ,did you know who you transfigured as or was it just random ? Xx


      1. You DID have that waxy look! *shudders*. Mind you, the experience is pretty unique. I can imagine the ‘phone learning to fly!’
        I transfigured as one of the Orisha’s (G-d’s) of the religion & as my Mother. I even channeled her. There were people there who wrote down what each of us said as whatever person came thru. I have to say I was very moved & cried for my Mother at that time. Now I feel nothing but frustration & hurt at what she had done to my Sister Stacey & myself & what she let the StepMonster do to us. I never did forgive her; probably never will.
        Oh & my friend Gary transfigured into the Orisha Babalu-Aye who used a crutch & was crippled. Seeing Gary transform was amazing & frightening at the same time!
        Here is a link to explain Babalu-Aye to you:

        And here is a link to pix f the Orisha: The ones with le held up is what Gary was doing; Hopping on one leg & he literally turned into an old man before our eyes!!!!

        I totally respect OCHA & I still consider myself a child of Obatala….that will never change even tho’ I am not in the religion anymore.

        ((((hugs)))) Sherri-Ellen


      2. I am going to read this over the weekend as I do not want to rush it,looks like something I will find fascinating, thank you,will get back to you when I have read it xx


      3. OCHA is one of the most fascinating, interesting, complex & scary religions I’ve ever known!! Altho’ I left Ocha I have never forgotten what I learned there. 😉


  2. I got a chance to read the link early, wow I thought us Pagans had some scary deities !! Very interesting how it mentions st Lazarus, that name seems to pop up a lot lately. I’ve read about a lot of different religions but this is one I know nothing about,I may order a book and research more.So he is an earth deity ? Do all the elements have their own ? Xxx


    1. LOL @ scary deities! OCHA deities can be utterly terrifying. And the religion is powerful. No 2 ways about it! Lazarus is everywhere; a key figure in many religions.
      All elements have a G-d/Orisha of their own.
      Originally Ocha was hidden behind Catholicism…the Orisha’s were paired up with Saints. That way practitioners were able to practice in peace using Catholicism as a cover.
      I will caution you IF you buy ANY book on OCHA please smudge it thoroughly…as a precaution…so that nothin ‘travels’ to you.
      When I left the religion I had to return all religious objects & books to Gary. That way no crossover stuff happened.


      1. Thanks for heeding the warning. Most people scoff at what I tell them about OCHA! It is a very mystical religion & so scary at times. Now we don’t go out to harm people. But the spells I have seen done are strong.
        The only drawback was that sometimes people within the different ‘houses’ would have conflicts & then things could get nasty within the religion. EEKK!!


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