Automatic writing

Automatic writing is a method used by mediums, it is where a spirit takes over the hand and does the writing.

It is normally very very rapid and the medium does not know what is being written until they read it afterwards,

What is odd about my automatic writing is that it always seems to be in my grans handwriting, she died in 2004.

When she was alive she used to write me a letter every week

As you can see,this is an example of my normal writing

Samples of my automatic writing

My grand writing which you can really see matches the top sample of my automatic it seems that even though she is on the other side now she still loves to write !!

Even when I write my dreams down in my sleep,which I have been able to do for years (and stay on the lines on the paper perfectly !!) It is always her writing .


5 thoughts on “Automatic writing

  1. Very cool connection to your Gran Eevee. I only have done Automatic Writing once. Not sure if I told you about it.
    My friend Lyndon’s Mother had died quite suddenly & we were all shocked & so depressed. Juliet was the sweetest person I’ve ever met! She always wanted Lyndon to marry me but that was not in the cards (or our minds; we were good friends only). The night b4 her funeral I could not sleep. I got up & made a Decaf tea & sat at kitchen table & wrote a 3-4 page letter. I felt hypnotized. Once I was done, I left letter on table & went back to bed. Slept well. Read letter & it was so touching. Put it in an envelope. Juliet said to give Lyndon the letter AFTER the funeral once back at the house.
    I did what she requested. I left before Lyndon read it.
    2 days later he came to my place & hugged me for what seemed an eternity….then kissed me on forehead & left.
    I remember what a powerful experience it was & how I helped make peace between a Mother & her Son…..
    I’ve never done it again so I treasure the memory dearly.
    (((hugs))) & ❤ Love ❤ Sherri-Ellen

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