Paranormal activity at sons jug

Yesterday we took the grandkids home after being at ours all day,my hubby dropped me and the grandkids at their flat then went to collect their daddy and take him to boxing.

Arwen was out for the count asleep on the living room sofa (in fact it took me an hour to wake her up for dinner later on ) and I was in the bathroom with Isaac, he was a bit worried because the plumbing is making an awful noise that sounds like the titanic scraping against the iceberg ,so I was making him laugh to take his mind off it ,

All of a sudden a plastic kitchen jug flew from the kitchen across the Hall and into the bathroom,landing at Isaacs feet,although he didn’t bat an eyelid.the height of it was the height of an adult, in fact it barely got under the door frame,so there is no way a cat did it and as far as I recall they were curled up on one of the beds,the plumbing did not cause vibration in the bathroom so would certainly not cause vibration in the kitchen, and certainly not enough to launch a jug that far !

The site of where the flats are built is very historically ancient and could be to do with that ,I was thinking about any anniversary links and all I can think of is the anniversary of my Gran passing in 2004 ,she loved baking and used jugs like that but the last thing she would do is throw something at a toddler !

It could be to do with visiting the witches prison the other day (see previous blog) ,the flat does look out onto the meadow where they were hung ,but for now I will just chalk it up as a mystery unless it happens again.

A really bad map of the flat, you can see the arrow of the trajectory of the jug

Obviously I didn’t film it or get a picture as I was on the toilet and then sorting out Isaacs teeth brushing.

There has been activity in their flat before but nothing to be scared of,I shall keep an eye on it.

No one was in a bad mood or sad to attract any activity as we had had a lovely day in the garden :

They were overjoyed to get their late ostara bunnies ,early “Easter” presents, we had been window shopping on Sunday and arwen saw the girl one and fell in love with it so I surprised her ,we read the tags and found they are brother and sister bunnies ,how cute.

Isaac would not be parted from his,he calls it his “unny”

They had their lunch at their special picnic bench.

The horse I rescued from an antique shop and gave a makeover to


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