My pet paranormal hate and the real Maurice Grosse v the Warrens

I watch many a paranormal TV show and I don’t know why I bother because most of them infuriate me (especially “most haunted” WHY are they still on TV !!?) ,my current favourite is “paranormal lockdown” with Nick Groff ,that one is very good though because they spend more than one night at the location,you simply cannot come to any conclusion after only one night ! I also like that they are not a huge team contaminating evidence with extraneous noises.

And I love that they investigate during the daytime too ,that’s what I do and its when I have gathered some of my best evidence, I’ve explained in detail before why certain places like hospitals and airbases would be more active during the day.

I also like that although they use a bit of fancy equipment they do not use too much,”ghost adventures ” who I once respected seem to be in competition now to see how much equipment they can use that looks like it came out of a space ship,does it get them better results ? No,not really,they still “freak out” over the smallest evps (they would not be able to handle ours then !! We get full sentences all the time)

I use positively antique equipment and always will,it’s served me well so far,all you need is a camera, a video recorder ,a tape recorder (I still use ye olde fashioned tape one because spirits are attracted to magnets,and tape is magnetic) and a pad and pen.there really is no need to show off with the latest “ghost gadget 6000” that will be old fashioned within six months and you will need to fork out £300 for the latest version.

Talking of equipment I am disturbed that Nick uses the equipment made by Steve Huff who has a very unsavoury past (all proven) and has even made equipment that he sells that could likely accidentally electrocute people ! The “voices” that come out of his boxes are clearly him and his wife ,other investigators have even had spirits accusing Huff of being a liar ,so he is known in the spirit world but not in the way he lets everyone think he is, you would think that Nick Groff would steer well clear of him because associating with him could ruin his good reputation.

But another thing that gets my goat is the terminology used and even Nick is guilty of this, words such as:

Entity…sounds like a horror film,you are addressing the spirit of a human who was once living ,where is the respect ?

Manifestation… This is used when they see anything appear,again this is actually terminology used to describe something demonic, the correct term would be “materialise” ,to manifest is one of the stages of possession.

Intelligent… Yes,there is a difference between active, recording,residual etc type ghosts or spirits,but an active spirit that is listening to you may not appreciate being called “intelligent” ,how about using the nicer term “friendly” ! How would that person when they were alive appreciate being called “intelligent” it’s rude,its like saying they had no intelligence or were incapable of understanding anything, so disrespectful !

Also what is rude is labelling any activity that is scary ,noisy or involves projectile movement as “demonic” come on now, how disrespectful is that,when usually it is a child spirit or a sad spirit desperate to get noticed,the investigators then wonder why activity gets worse !

The use of “provoking” which might make for good TV is the rudest thing ever and not to mention dangerous, how would these investigators like someone to come into their home swearing at them and demanding they perform ? It would make them angry and they would react in the wrong way,these investigators want this because it makes for exciting TV ,and they can then call the case demonic and call in an exorcist,

As I’ve said before,exorcism barely ever works,if the spirit was not Christian /Catholic in life why would they care what a priest says or does ? 

Demons do not exist ,so fancy being called a demon just because you are a spirit who has lost its temper at a group of investigators provoking you and calling you names !? This provoking attitude makes investigators nothing more than playground bullies .

Have respect on location and you get respect back and usually lots of great evidence 🙂

Astral bodies…mediums that go in asking “any astral bodies or spirits in here ?” Well how would most spirits know that terminology ? How about just asking is “anyone” here ? Considering a lot of spirits do not know they have passed on 

I have a huge problem with the way the Warrens used to conduct themselves,the self styled “demonologists” taking very religious people into cases usually makes matters worse,they labelled every case “demonic”,just research “Amityville” and how haunted that actually wasn’t,it was a hoax from start to finish ,yet they put their names to it.

They also put their names to the Enfield poltergeist case and claimed to have solved it and rudely suggested that Maurice Grosse “did nothing to help that family”

Excuse me,I knew him,he dealt with my poltergeist, he was my mentor and told me I would one day be doing what he did ! He helped me more than I can say,as for the Enfield case,he lived with the family for nearly a year,he took on what was a terrifying case when he had just joined the society of psychical research, when no one else dare touch the case,not long after the death of his daughter,I’ve argued this fact with Warren fans,I’ve seen only one photo of Lorraine Warren at the house,(if it is even a real photo or is it fake like the boy on the stairs in the amytiville house photo )there is no mention of her in Guy Playfairs book and I’ve read it 20 seems she only went there as a tourist and just to say she was involved.

The Enfield family remained in touch with Maurice until he died,why do that if he didn’t help them ? It infuriates me,he was a wonderful man.

And sorry to any Warren fans but how come Mrs Warren waits til he died to attack him,not very professional ,did she solve any cases by being overly religious and calling everything demons and waving crosses around ? Or were they cases that would of worn themselves out anyway ?

Is she still friends with Ryan Buell ? The investigator who also took an overly religious approach and look what happened to him !!! But I guess she would say he was “possessed” maybe he was by something that didn’t want to be called a demon ? Well whatever happened to him I hope he is better now because I did like his book and for a young investigator his heart was in the right place.Something awful happened to him ,he started out very professional and I cannot help but wonder if he was firstly under the influence of negative energies from Lorraine Warren that drove him to drugs !Also Michelle Belanger who proclaims she is a vampire and I have seen her wearing a Nazi hat !!

I realise that this is a strong accusation to make ,but there are people who can and will put negative energy at locations themselves because they enjoy scaring people,or by way of some kind of munchausen syndrome of the paranormal kind want to be seen to be the hero who solves the case, could the Warren’s have in fact have been doing that !? Were they REALLY as religious as they claimed ?

Their case with the notorious “Annabel” doll has never sat right with me,(see my article on haunted dolls) it seems very very convenient to me that ALL their cases were so dramatic and all of them made into films ,any real paranormal investigator will tell you that 9/10 cases are boring  ,so how come they got so “lucky” 

I could not help but notice when watching “paranormal state” that every time Lorraine Warren made an appearance the activities would ramp up and become “demonic” hhhmmmm !!

No one,unless ordained and trained by the church should be stating that they are demonologists or exorcists, so how did they get away with it for so long

Just like I cannot legally claim to exorcise anyone’s home,I can only offer to “cleanse” it

I am not trying to bash religious people but they need to understand not everything is demonic,they don’t need to reach for the holy water at every investigation and simply (politely and respectfully) finding out a spirits story is enough to get them to move on ! As a Wiccan investigator myself I don’t very often bring my religion into it and when I do its a simple smudging which works way better than tying a client to a chair,pressing a bible to their forehead ,chanting Latin ,while the spirit stands in the corner thinking “excuse me,I was an atheist,what are you doing ?”

Looking back I don’t think I’ve ever truly dealt with a “demon” just a spirit that probably had severe mental health issues in life,maybe in the 1500s they would of been labelled a demon,but this is 2017,so please paranormal teams stop running around using that term.

Also, there was no demonic nun in the Enfield case ,if you have seen the American movie ,I hate that movies sensationalise cases and turn them into unrecognisable stories*bangs head on wall* May I suggest that for a more accurate account you watch “interview with a poltergeist” which should still be available on YouTube

My well worn book about the Enfield poltergeist, now out of print, it was mysterious how I got this..I was in a book shop in enfield thinking to myself,I wish I could find that book,my eye was suddenly drawn to a very high shelf and there it was ,partially sticking out,I had to pay quite a lot for it and had just the right amount of money on me.

Signed to me (my real name) by Maurice

The Enfield poltergeist house as it was in about 1999,my flat was also in Enfield and Maurice said it was in some ways worse than the Enfield house,we had nearly the whole list of phenomena you can have,whereas they didn’t, and ours followed us to two other locations.
Thank you for all your help Maurice,for making me see that the paranormal was actually my path ! R.I.P and I will continue to ensure your good name remains good.



2 thoughts on “My pet paranormal hate and the real Maurice Grosse v the Warrens

  1. What a lovely tribute to Maurice your Mentor. he sounds like he knew his ‘stuff’!! I watched “Ghost Adventures” twice & found it so stupid I was laughing. Everything you’ve said is spot on!! There is a Paranormal show called “The Other Side” here in Canada. They are non-dramatic & use simple equipment & they do smudge a lot as they are Aboriginal. I totally respect the work they are doing. No swearing, shouting or name calling ever…they are the ‘real deal’.
    I used to like “Most Haunted” in the beginning but the more the woman kept screaming the more it upset me. I gave up watching & the show is no longer on the air here.

    Here is the link to “The Other Side” website:
    Love you to the Moon & back, Sherri-Ellen ❤

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    1. Thank you ,he was a special man,it was his first ever case so it was very brave of him to take it on ! I have seen “the other side” its a good programme, I like their attitude, which is always to cleanse and move on the spirits, have only seen a few episodes of it though,hope we get it back here again.
      Most haunted have been caught faking yet again ,i am so sick of them, they give investigators a bad name.and it’s thanks to them that everyone and their dog with no experience set up paranormal teams,and now big locations charge huge amounts of money for serious investigators to visit if most haunted have been there, the fact their production team is called “antix” says it all to me.
      Love you gazillions


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