Regarding my homemade crafts

I am rapidly running out of space on here ,as discovered when I went to post two important blogs today, so unfortunately I have had to delete all my homemade crafts blogs 😦 and will not be posting anymore but I am in the process of putting them all onto a Facebook page which will be public and I will add a link here.

Will update when its ready for me to link


8 thoughts on “Regarding my homemade crafts

  1. Oh Eevee I know about ‘deleting’. Have had to delete all Wordless Wednesday blogs of Nylablue’s to make room for P SH’s blogs. I am thrilled you will have a Craft page on FB. I admire your crafts so much & would be sad if there was no way to see them!!!
    Much love & many {{{hugs}}} Sherri-Ellen ❤ ❤

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    1. I know that soon this WordPress will be full, I dont want to have to pay for premium,I dont know how much it is and I dread to think as I’ve seen how much their premium themes cost !! I have my old blogger that I can use but you said you can’t comment there :(/so I am stuck, unless I open another free WordPress !? Really don’t know what to do,its not just the crafts, I’m running out of space for my psychic blogs !! Xx


      1. I am sorry I can’t access Blogger site. It refuses me all the time. I lost touch with a few really cool people because I could never visit them. **sighs**.
        Maybe a new WP blog would be a good idea. You could come up with a snappy name & see what happens…..
        I’d be lost w/out a blog & I bet you would be also….we are true bloggers!!!! 😉


      2. Oh Sis I saw your post on FB & my heart sank! I totally enjoy your blogs. I have learned so much from them. And I adore your crafts also.
        WP has been whack-a-doodle today! I awoke to 102 SPAM comments in my email. So I had to delete all of them. I have a SPAM protector here but apparently it went on “Vaca”….***sighs***


    2. Plus I’m deleting the crafts off my private Facebook as they are taking up way too much space on there ! That’s another reason I’m making their own Facebook page xx


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