A light hearted rock coincidence….female Bolan ?

 I started going through 30 years worth of photography because my office is getting out of hand, while I was at it I thought I would try and find the photos of my 80s bedroom that was covered in Bowie posters to prove I am not just a “fanuary”

I found the photos

What I also found was this, me in the 80s “riding a white swan”

There is a huge joke in this house how I look like Marc Bolan ,and I admit that I do lol,I am the same height,I have the same cheeky grin and I used to have big hair,the photo above had me rolling around laughing because my hair looks like when he had his hair cut short and was riding a white swan, and omg we are both wearing a shirt and blazer hahaha, I had not actually seen this version of “ride a white swan” til recently on YouTube

When going through my old photos I also found this

Marc phoned ..he wants his hair back 🙂

You would have to really know me to see the facial expressions and mannerisms but we are so alike its spooky, if I had been born after he died I could blame reincarnation 😉 hubby often says “oh my god ,I’m married to Marc Bolan” it doesnt help when I dress like him lol

Even the same face shape as a child and a gap between the teeth you could drive a bus through

Thats not an exact match as my teeth aren’t showing but if you see “peach” on youtube and you know me in real life you will get it

Ignoring the hair I have a thing about massive Bolan glasses

Ignore the hair …look at the face !!

Ignore the hair ,but me with lots of makeup on

These are just silly ones (its a wig obviously and I forgot the top hat)

I automatically do Marc poses now ,even our grand daughter does it !

Then we fell about laughing some more on realising that hubby actually looks a bit like mickey Finn of T Rex !! I played this joke on him

Hubby or is it mickey Finn ?

And here’s Marc being a photographer just like me 🙂

I seriously was going to grow my hair and get a perm but I darent now !! I have better photos somewhere that are even closer matches,will add them when I find them 🙂

I have the greatest respect for Marc and I know that if he was alive he would find this amusing,by the way Marc,you are much prettier than me…keep a little Marc in your heart ❤

hubby pointed out that I probably should of thought about my choice of cover photo and profile photo on Facebook !

Lol maybe its a good job he doesn’t look like David Bowie !

To be updated …..

Well it worked ,my hair Just needs to be a bit longer so I can corkscrew it,hubby died laughing when he saw this and said it was spooky

Wish my hair would hold a perm ,I would have it curly in honour of Marc all the time.



8 Responses to “A light hearted rock coincidence….female Bolan ?”

  1. I defo think you are a female Marc Bolan…maybe you are actually related??? And the riding the swan thing was just too coincidental to be coincidence!!! My bedroom wall was all horses & Mark Lindsay!!
    I have no photos; just my memories. I was NOT allowed to put up Bowie or Alice Cooper. Spoil sports, hahaha!!!
    Love you madly, Sherri-Ellen
    P.S.: Did you ever give Marc his hair back???? HAHAHAHA!!!

    • Do you know what its not actually too impossible for me to be related, his mum and my gran were Jewish and ran stalls in the east end of London !! The family tree was done on my mother’s side but not on my fathers,Marc was from the same area as Beardie (hackney) small world again ,I don’t think many people were allowed to put Bowie or Cooper posters up,i was actually living with my very posh gran at the time and she had a fascination with “poofters” sorry,that’s so politically incorrect, so she didn’t mind the Bowie posters,she actually tried to get me to marry my gay social worker when nate was little, I said “gran,he’s gay” …”oh,no one will notice dear” hahaha xxxx

      • I did NOT know your Gran was Jewish…no wonder we get on so well….lol….How cool would it be to be related to Marc???? Well totally awesomely right???
        ROFWL over your Gran & the ‘poofters’….”No one will notice…” Your Gran was a hoot!!! 🙂

      • Yeah my dads mum,I never met her she was Jewish/Polish ,my other gran,the posh one is the one I grew up with and adored, it would actually be hilarious if I was related to Marc because nate once heard us listening to some really early t Rex stuff,the really hippy trippy stuff and he asked “what the F is this?” So imagine if I said to him,”actually son do you want to know where you got your musical talents from !?” Hahaha.Beardie loved my gran,the first time he met her she said “I’m doing us a Sunday joint” he thought she meant cannabis ,he looked really shocked,til I explained to him it meant Sunday dinner 🙂 xxx

      • Do you know what your Dad’s Mum maiden name was? Why did you never meet her? Oh an what was her first name also? My Nanna lived in Manchester from 1910-1923. Oh & her maiden named wes Gatler…..Nanna was conceived somewhere either in Czech Republic or Poland. The borders used to switch alot …Sarah & Jacob Gatler (My Great Grandparents fled there to Lemburg, Austria where my Nanna was born.)
        So I am wither Czech or Polish…..a lot of people say I have Polish cheekbones (rounded & sort of chubby, lol…)
        It would be SO COOL if we were actually related now. I have always felt we are related in somem way (not just past life stuff…)
        ROFWL>>>Sunday Joint!!!! I am crying with laughter here Sis!!!!

      • Never met her cos I never found my dad til I was 27 and my nan died in 1971 I was born in 1972 ! Her name was Amy amelia don’t know her maiden name for sure ..may of been Goldring ,I think you look Polish,when I wear a head scarf ,I really really look Polish xx

      • Oh right…DUH! I forgot you did not have contact with your Father….
        Goldring is a lovely surname…
        And I suspect I am Polish also….I still say we are related! 😉

      • I wouldn’t be surprised !! Xx

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