Film :Lucy and the 10% brain myth

Well obviously I won’t discuss the film too much as I don’t want to give it away to anyone who wants to see it but its about what would happen if we had the ability to use 100% of our brains capacity.

Lucy in the film is given a drug and ends up having immense psychic power among other powers ,she is named “Lucy” after the most ancient early human ever found,who was named after the beatles song “Lucy in the sky with diamonds” which is interesting in itself as that song is about LSD and that drug is meant to give you psychic “trips”

The film was pretty good although the shoot em up scenes were a bore.

What I found most fascinating was the gold ring in her eyes ,I have that,as does my grandson.

My eye ,this gold or orange ring can be caused by a build up of copper (wilsons disease) but I don’t have that.

This photo has just had the saturation and contrast adjusted to make it clearer,no other effects.

Interesting how it is used to illustrate empaths because I am one of those ,a very strong one

I have never used LSD but have been on various psychiatric drugs that I didn’t actually need to be on !! (Long story) that will be a subject of a whole other blog,luckily for me they didn’t block my abilities.which they could of done because they were the kind of drugs designed to dumb people down and “zombifiy” them !

I wouldn’t dare take LSD or anything like that,I am on enough drugs (prescription ones) without messing with things like that,but I do wonder what would  happen if I took drugs like the ones Lucy took in the film ?

Using only 10% of your brain is a myth anyway

But it was a very passable way to spend an evening watching TV and I give the film 8/10 ,the ending was really quite epic and not what I expected ,don’t think I will bother with the sequel though, they are never any good.


One Response to “Film :Lucy and the 10% brain myth”

  1. I have not seen “Lucy” & wondered how ‘good’ it was. I saw a few ‘shoot-em-up’ scenes….always some gratuitous violence to hold an audience’s attention…. *sighs*
    I also have those rings around the pupil; mine are more a copper orange color…..I often wondered if they were significant? And now I know. My intuitive ability has been muted over the years (due to meds) yet it has improved this year; maybe because I am using it more?
    And I do not believe we use only 10% of your brains. After my 16 yr run with alcohol/drugs I did lose a lot of brain power. When I went to College I was 3 1/2 yrs clean. Almost a straight “A” student; I was blown away….so I feel I using a new part of my brain….
    If I get a chance to watch “Lucy”; I shall watch it!
    Lots of ❤ an {{{hugs}}} Sherri-Ellen x0x0x0

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