Poltergeist activity courtesy of Marc ! ;)

Last night Marc Bolan made himself known to us again…

I have dough models that I made of Bolan and Bowie,they have been sitting on top of a very solid oak bookcase for about a year, I made them specifically with their legs at a certain angle so they wouldn’t fall and break because dough models are notoriously breakable

Here’s the Bolan one with its legs quite far apart to make it stable, this was photographed in the kitchen when I had just finished making it,I then moved it to the bookcase,where it stayed and has sat quite happily since then.

The bookcase is so solid you can’t even wobble it if you knock it.

Even if you could ,the first thing to fall would be the framed pictures

The models were behind the frames

And I had situated them behind the stands of the frames to make them more stable

So the Bolan statue was tucked right behind where the arrow is pointing

We were watching a programme about giants and I said to hubby “how rude ,basically they are saying anyone under 5 foot 5 is a hobbit, so that’s me and Marc Bolan then”

At that exact moment the Bolan statue launched itself off the bookcase narrowly missing hubby !

I don’t think it was because Marc was offended ,he loved hobbits and was nicknamed “the boppin elf” I feel he threw it as a joke.

I wasn’t amused that the statue nearly hit hubby though and was broken

Hubby was sitting just under the “w” on my Bowie wall art.

So that statue had to have jumped over the stand of the frame,managing not to take the frame with it !!! Kind of difficult

Now missing an arm and leg and waiting to be fixed. And its had plenty of opportunity to have fallen before and taken the frames with it when the grandkids have been running round the living room,but nothing has ever fallen off that bookcase,not even the tiny silver wooden frames you can see

We started wondering if it was an important date for Marc,this morning I looked it up and found this :

So,it was the last ever gig for T Rex before Marc died that year !!

Also….after we watched the giants programme last night we watched a paranormal investigation programme set in SWEDEN !


another similar episode


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5 thoughts on “Poltergeist activity courtesy of Marc ! ;)

  1. Marc Marc Marc…you naughty spirit!!! I guess he wanted a bit of attention….somehow I feel he was a bit of a joker…..so it makes sense he did that with the doll….. Boys will be boys even in the Spirit World Sis!!!! Hehehe…..
    Amazing shrine to Bolan & Bowie Eevee! You are so artistic!
    Love you madly, Sherri-Ellen


    1. He was a joker when he was alive,he used to drive people bonkers πŸ™‚ I need to make a garden shrine for Marc…I’m looking out for one of those big plastic swans that people used to have in their gardens in the 70s ,I will put a feather boa round its neck in honour of his song “ride a white swan” love you muchly xxx


      1. I remember reading about his jokes so many years ago. Marc REALLY enjoyed life ; that was why it hurt so much to lose him too soon…..
        And I ADORE the white swan wearing a feather boa idea!! ROCK on Sis!!! πŸ™‚


      2. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ “keep a little Marc in your heart” I looked for a swan at the junk yard today,no luck….someone up the road has an original 70s one in their garden,tempted to ask if they want to sell it to me ! Xx


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