Poltergeist fires (elemental spirits ?)

Fires can be common with poltergeist activity but bizarrely and thankfully they are small fires that put themselves out before they cause major damage,if you look at the history of poltergeists going way back you will read about strange fires like matches in matchboxes setting alight but the actual boxes remaining untouched. At our “poltergeist […]

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Litha (summer solstice) 2017

We were unable to go to the woods and watch the sunrise like we normally do due to my hips 😦 even if they were mobile I would not have made it,we are having an unbearable heatwave which I cannot cope with,I have seizures in the heat,so we just did a little ceremony in our […]

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Weird activity with dog ,our old house

I just found this photo ,it was taken in the house we lived in before this one which was extremely haunted by some very unpleasant things, not as bad as the flat we had which is where the poltergeist started but this house was bad enough ! This was our dog snickers when we first […]

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Lookalike vase !

I did my usual and was “drawn” to a charity shop….. I found this vintage style vase and cannot believe how much it looks like my grand daughter !! In fact one of my friends thought I had got a photo of her printed onto it !! I always said my grand daughter looks 1920s […]

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My favourite protection stone

Well this was a coincidence, I was making a protection necklace from a black tourmaline because I get badly affected by emf and infrasound ,both trigger my tinnitus and hypercasis…. And on Facebook that thing they have where “memories” show up showed this at the exact same time Black tourmaline is a fabulous stone because […]

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