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Psychic finds : Raven /wizards/undertaker pictures

Posted in psychic finds on June 5, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Ive been depressed lately so hubby took me out charity shop hunting, i picked a random town and the first shop I tried I found a toy raven, I didn’t really look at it properly, just grabbed it and gave it to him to pay for while I went on to the next shop,I’ve been looking for a soft toy raven for a few years !

When I got home I couldn’t believe it, it’s a souvenir from the tower of London,only on the 30th of may I said this on my Facebook

That cuddly toy probably is Merlina as she is the most popular raven there.

Talking of merlina /merlin /wizards I then found this game

Then saw this motorcycle

I then went to my favourite junk yard because I was looking for one of those big plastic 1970s garden swans ,they didn’t have one but I found these :

Bad pic ….they are really old undertakers advertising pictures ,yes they are morbid but I love them,so unusual !! Not sure how old they are but possibly Victorian judging by the age of the nails and the wood used as the backing of the frames, framing is not done like that anymore.

I got them really cheap because they have some water damage.

No I don’t think they are haunted or bad luck before anyone asks,they are actually the least likely things to be haunted, but I will smudge them just in case.

I was not expecting to find these at all but I am always on the lookout for strange and curious items and I was about to walk out of the junk yard after picking up some books but something drew me back and made me look behind an old bookshelf,and there they were !!

Do not share/re blog/reproduce please