Second time I’ve predicted election results

Its very unusual for there to be a “hung Parliament” I predicted it in 2010,before that one there had not been a hung parliament for 32 years

I predicted it again, so I don’t think its just a lucky guess 

I won’t get into my political beliefs on here because they are VERY strong but let’s just say I despise May and the conservatives ! And she’s being stubborn by not resigning
This is not brilliant news but it could be worse


11 Responses to “Second time I’ve predicted election results”

  1. You are always so intuitive about these things Eevee….
    I know nothing about UK politics. I do have other friends there who support Theresa May. I would like UK to have someone who took care of everyone equally & no more stupid taxes….
    I can hope right?
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen

    • I do not understand how anyone can support her !! But I keep my political rants off here,all I will say is she is worse than Cameron if that’s even possible, the fact she wants to bring fox hunting back is enough for me to dislike her xx

      • Fox hunting back? Not on!!!!!
        And the fact she is no better than Cameron saddens me a lot Sis!!
        At least our PM has a head on his shoulders & he thinks things thru’.
        Mind you having a Father for PM probably helped Justin be molded into a proper PM!

      • I shall look into him ,he sounds pretty decent,our Jeremy Corbyn NEEDS to be prime minister but alas he is too nice *sigh*

      • I must Google Jeremy Corbyn also…I have not heard of him. Justin Trudeau is a thoughtful 40 something bloke. He understands the country & the peoples in it. He respects Aboriginal tradition; like his Father did. I think he has a distinct advantage having seen his Father as PM…..

      • I like the sound of him already 🙂

      • I thought that is what I saw on the news here Sis! Why in G-D’s name did Ms. May not comfort the residents? IDIOT! Jeremy has the right idea…I LIKE him!!
        And Justin is a ‘breath of fresh air’ in our country…

      • Because she is an evil,unfeeling conservative and they are a lot to blame for that inferno !! Its all very complex I think I broke my Facebook ranting about it xx

      • LOL @ broke my FB!!
        NOT LOL @ Ms May! And Conservatives here just as nasty as there….UGH!

  2. WOW what a life Jeremy Corbyn has had…totally devoted to Politics & people!!! I LIKE HIM!!!!!!

    • Me too !! He is very genuine and he has been wonderful during the horrific London tower block Inferno,meeting residents and hugging them ,whereas our so called prime minister could only be bothered to meet the firemen ggrrr

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