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Another bee rescue and educating the grandkids

Posted in animals, indigo kids on June 10, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Today our grandkids learnt how to save tired bees, (obviously we taught them not to get too close) I found one floundering on a bit of wood and I showed them how to feed it honey (or sugar water/jam/anything sweet) on a long spoon !! To give it energy. I told them to get a grown up to do it until they are older as I obviously do not want them to get stung.

We did that,then moved it into a quite part of the garden and fed it some water, they were fascinated when they saw it go from literally dying to waving its legs,turning round and finally flying away when it was recovered.

Awww look at little Isaac holding geedees head to make sure he doesn’t get stung !

Arwen with some water at the ready

Lol look at Isaacs face !!

Because we are Pagan we make nature a huge part of the time we spend with our grandkids but we think it is important for ALL children, we are overjoyed that our grand daughter has got a place in a school that has special forest days and has a huge nature garden and tree house, she starts there in September:)

Oh by the way,Isaac has had his check up on his broken arm, thankfully no nerve damage *phew* and just a few more weeks with the cast on,hopefully he will not walk in front of anymore swings,he has learnt to draw with his left hand now so it looks like he will be ambidextrous like me.

Hubby is forever saving bees and I love that he loves all kinds of animals and creatures
Yet another stray dog came to our door the other week,they always seem to know to come to him,we found its owner within an hour ,it was a lovely greyhound.

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