Pareidolia -skull face

If I had a pound for every “ghost” photo sent to me that turned out to be pareidolia I would be rich !

Soon I am going to add my whole collection of deliberate “not ghost” photos I made on purpose, to show things commonly mistaken for orbs or ghosts but here is an old one from one of my investigations.

At the bottom of the wall you can clearly see what looks like a skull face staring at you ,it is not,it is as combination of ivy, shadowing and moss making the illusion of a skull,(and a really bad cheap camera)

Human brains are wired to make faces out of patterns probably because the first thing we see when we are born are faces.

This effect /illusion is called pareidolia or some people call it matrixing.

It is very common with clouds,patterned wallpaper and fabrics and trees, I have lost count of the amount of “ghost” photos I have seen of ghosts in windows ,some are genuine but mostly the culprit is the reflection of a tree or bush in the glass ,also very old glass can be warped and rippled which adds to the illusion.

Admittedly on first glance this skull did make me wonder but alas it was nothing paranormal.

The more you enlarge it ,the less skull like it looks which is usually a good test for proving it is simply pareidolia.

Don’t totally dismiss images that you may capture in trees or windows because they could be genuine spirits,after all they can and do hang around in places like that but be sure to check,double check and triple check by enlarging the image and maybe adjusting the brightness and contrast a bit to see if it is still clear and also if you can,go back to the location at the same time of day,with the same weather and the same camera on the same settings…if you get the same image again then chances are you have NOT captured anything paranormal ! A spirit is hardly likely to be hanging around in exactly the same spot just hoping for you to come back to do another photo shoot with it.
More about pareidolia and other photos that contain “not ghosts”
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