Psychic find : another Callanish book

As usual I was drawn to a charity shop,in actual fact it wasn’t even my pay day,hubby lent me some money so I could go shopping a few days early ,I wasn’t going to but something “made” me.

Found this in the oxfam bookshop (I am very anti corporate power by the way !)

Also I found this, its so cute

It is really Romany gypsy style

It has teeny tiny tarot cards with it,I collect unusual tarot and oracle sets and have never seen any like this before !

I also found this antique style fairy,I have been wanting one in autumn colours for my altar for years, isn’t she beautiful 🙂


2 thoughts on “Psychic find : another Callanish book

  1. Oh yes that fairy is beautiful!!!
    And funny how you had the need to go charity shopping>>>you ALWAYS find something special…
    And the Romany Tarot deck is pretty cool….I wonder if my Ancestors (on Mother’s side) used cards like that so many years ago?
    {{hugs}} & love always, Sherri-Ellen ❤


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