Fire orb ? Might be my grandad

I do not normally take much notice of orbs ,unless they meet specific criteria,but this one was interesting ,last night hubby lit a fire outside in our chimenea and we saw this on the photo (I saw it with my naked eye too )

It was the anniversary of my grandad passing away, and I think he may have been telling me he was glad my son was getting out of the flat with the bad FIRE safety ! Because ten minutes later my son phoned ,it was about 10:30pm and he never phones that late incase I am in bed,but he was so excited to give us the good news.

The first photo is the original

These ones have the saturation and contrast adjusted.

You can get flare from fire pictures as you can see by the yellow flare at the bottom but this is perfectly round and purple is a spiritual colour, we were not using any accelerant that would cause a purple “gas”

You can even see the orb forming in this picture (original picture)

These ones ,slightly adjusted for clarity

Of course it may be nothing and just a coincidence ,but we use the chimenea most nights in the summer and have never seen this before ,and to see it with the naked eye is a bonus
Oh and don’t forget I found the Callanish book ! He was from Callanish ,I have blogged about Callanish twice this week and also posted this on facebook
Please do not share /copy / re blog thanks



4 thoughts on “Fire orb ? Might be my grandad

  1. I got some Orb Pictures on a recent trip to a popular state park that is famous for haunting, if you have twitter they are in my pictures, @churchmouse811 I have no idea who they were, they did not feel familiar to me but I saw them with my eyes too, that was a first for me.


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