My crafts : Bolan memorial

I still cannot find one of those plastic 1970s garden swans 😦

So I made this memorial for Marc

The swan symbolises my favourite song “ride a white swan”

The top hat symbolises “the slider” album

The pink moon symbolises the song “crimson moon”

The feather boa ,well Marc liked wearing them 😉

And I splashed it with silver paint to symbolise glitter.

All it needs is a varnish.

Where it belongs…next to the Bowie memorial I made.


I finally found a swan in a charity shop,its not as big as I wanted and it is a funny colour but then again its sort if a cross between “ride a white swan and ” CRIMSON moon”

Please do not share or re blog thanks


3 thoughts on “My crafts : Bolan memorial

  1. The Crimson swan is absolutely beautiful Eevee! I am sure Marc hooked you up with that swan for a reason…that is not just a bit of ‘tat’; it is a lovely statue.
    And I love the photo with Beardie in behind the swan…very cool.
    I love your Bolan memorial & the Bowie memorial; they so belong together. And they visit you because of all the time & effort you’ve put into those memorials I am sure!
    Much ❤ & massive {{{{hugs}}}} Sherri-Ellen


    1. Let them think what they like Sis! Some of the ‘trolls’ here watch me bury dead birds & rodents & they think I’m weird. It is their perception. What the Universe perceives is I honor all Life. So let the neighbors wonder…. 😉


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