Aaargghh its OLD news and not even true ,do some RESEARCH !!

​Losing the will to live with people who post rubbish without doing research today,so many pages posting the “do you dream this man” story ,which is (a) ancient (b) debunked years ago,pages posting that crap are supposedly well known paranormal pages ,hey you lot 101 of paranormal work is RESEARCH !!! no wonder the paranormal community gets laughed at *bangs head on wall* also seen posted this week the “screams from hell ” as if its news, that must be at least 15 years old (screams recorded from a hole drilled in Siberia which someone found out was actually from the background of a film and someone had re recorded the screams in lots of layers to make it sound mega eerie,I fell for it at the time,I will admit !) How do they not know by now that is a hoax, a quick google would have told them ! Also today “dead homeless man found under tree is Elvis” I read that on a website called helenastales.weebly and noticed that everything she posts is laughable,then it hit me,maybe her name is not Helena Stales but it means Helena’s tales as in Helena’s made up stories *sigh*

Here is a video of someone debunking the audio

A very good explanation


Honestly, I read through the comments and bang my head some more ,because even though numerous people point out that these things have been debunked (myself included,if I can be bothered) people still argue or blindly believe !? But I really do expect so called paranormal experts with lots of followers to not post these things.
These things are modern urban legends of the digital age,that is all but people still take them as gospel,I give up !

article about it in a magazine I get

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7 thoughts on “Aaargghh its OLD news and not even true ,do some RESEARCH !!

  1. People will remain gullible til the end of time….such is Humanity! We tend to not believe the TRUTH & discount the UNTRUTHS….funny lot we Humans!!!!
    Being Jewish we do not believe in H*LL…..we DO believe in the Spirit World with good & bad even evil spirits.
    But then I am not a typical Jewish person…..hehehe…..
    Try not to *bang your head* too much; it is NOT worth the aggro dear Sister….
    Loads of ❤ LUV ❤ an gentle {{{hugs}}} Sherri-Ellen

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    1. Agreed but you would expect better of so called paranormal “experts” !! Us Wiccans/Pagans do not believe in Hell either or the devil but don’t get me started on Christians turning our nature God into Satan lol. Xx love you gazillions


      1. I would but then again it seems things are going ‘mainstream’…a lot of ‘selling out’ as it were.
        I have knowledge of how Christians & non-Christians turn Wicca into something nasty & evil. The same is done about Ocha/Santeria…
        It is just ignorance talking Sis!
        Love love love you madly ❤ ❤ ❤


      2. So true Sis! I do not talk about Ocha/Santeria much…because people jump to the conclusion it is Voodoo. While they originated in same places the religions are different….
        Now if I could turn someone into a Zombie……sorry, I was just thinking out loud, hehehehe…

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