Hubby had a dream visit from my Dad (mushrooms !)

Hubby told me he had a dream about my dad and it seems like it was a contact dream,hubby is opening up more and more and it was at “psychic time” …the afternoon, that is when I get my contact dreams because that is when my sleep cycle is lucid,and it seems to be hubbies psychic time too.

The dream sounds ridiculous:

Hubby was in the kitchen frying mushrooms,my dads spirit materialised in front of him and started turning the boiling hot mushrooms with his bare hands, hubby looked at him and said ” are you crazy,that’s hot” and that was the end of the dream because my dad faded away.

Hubby was a bit shocked when I told him that my dad probably would do something as silly as put his hands in a hot pan ,because I do the same !

To me the fact mushrooms appear in the dream symbolises the GROWTH of hubbies psychic ability,and the fact my dad came through was because he was also psychic.

Also it is interesting that many cultures use “magic” mushrooms to reach hallucinogenic dreamlike states ,I have never tried them and would be too scared too.Plus I don’t really need any help !

Another useless fact is that I was amazed when I first met one of my baby sisters (I didn’t know my family all of my life) and discovered that just like me ,she loved eating raw mushrooms…not exactly common for a 10 year old (she was approx at the time)


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