Making a fairy forest

As you know, fairies are a big thing in my house and garden πŸ™‚ we already have the fairy and gnome “rockery” gardens.

last weekend I was with my grand daughter and we were nosing at the bushes at the back of my garden and to our delight we realised that the area is open ! I really thought it was filled in, when we first got the house it was all open but we let nature take it’s course and I really thought the buddlea bushes had grown all the way back…not so !

Looking through

We could see a gap and a tree inside with fairy mushrooms growing on it and ivy all over the ground (grand daughters Celtic birth tree)

She had made a mini fairy kingdom that day (her name means “queen of the fairies”)


So today hubby made a start on turning it into a fairy forest as a surprise

He cut a big hole out of the brambles

When he first started,the view from inside looking out,the trees have grown themselves into natural arches and in another part of the garden near the fairy and gnome rockeries I have been training the trees to grow into a canopy/tunnel

(Bad photos taken at twilight but you get the rough idea)

Because we live in marshy “fen” land the pond has subsided,we will dig that out and reset it and put a safety fence round it

His tree conservative voluntary work skills came in handy

In the middle he had to saw down some branches at the back of the buddlea to make a gap to get past it to get to the fairy tree we spotted the other day,if he took the front branches down the whole buddlea would fall down

The middle…there is more behind this

Another view from inside looking out

The amount of cuttings taken from inside

I am keeping these bits to make some ornamental trees
I just cannot wait until it is finished πŸ™‚

I will put fairy lanterns in there and fairy ornaments, it will be so pretty and a nice shaded spot for when it is too hot

It truly is a secret fairy forest because from the front it still just looks like bushes !!


Well it is done,it only took a day in total

We just need to reset the pond

The entrance

You can squeeze through that gap to get to more of it !

Fairy altar

The mini pallet stepping stones came from the Β£ shop

I still have all my Buddha and elephant statues from when I used to study Buddhism, so the other part behind the tree in the middle is now a Buddha garden


UPDATE ..TODAY THE GRANDKIDS SAW THE FAIRY forest ,they were very impressed πŸ™‚




Fairy dolls from Β£ shop,I now have them hanging on strings to look like they are flying

Fairies from pound stretcher

Little tree house thing I got from 20p bargain bucket in charity shop

I adore these life like rabbits from pound stretcher

Butterfly fence from pound stretcher

Butterfly decorations from pound shop

Since we made the fairy forest we discovered these teeny tiny mushrooms have grown,I told our grand daughter that it definitely means that the fairies have visited at night πŸ™‚

UPDATE SEPTEMBER : fairy forest now has lights πŸ™‚

Please do not share or re blog thanks


5 thoughts on “Making a fairy forest

  1. I’m totally ‘blown away’ Eevee! The fairy garden is beautiful…you & Beardie always put your heart & soul into your garden & creations. I bet the Grandbeans are thrilled! I wish I were there so I could visit the fairy garden…
    Where Beardie first cut the brambles it reminded me of a place like this far behind my Grade school in Hamilton. I used to call it my ‘secret garden’ & would go there to think….funny I’ve not thought of that place for years…I have a ‘warm, fuzzy’ feeling now!
    (((hugs))) & ❀ Sherri-Ellen ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you ,we are very proud of it,we added some more bits to it today,will post some pics tomoro and I hope to do some magical night time photos in there soon ! Arwen said it was just like a fairy land they visited on holiday in Dorset,so I took that as a huge compliment,I wish you could see it for real too.”secret garden” did you love that book as a child ? I did xx


      1. A total compliment Sis!
        I loved that book as a child also. I call the garden behind the funeral ‘the secret garden’ because most people do not know it is there. Hence it is ‘secret’….hehehe…


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