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A polite note about  sharing my blogs… Please don’t! 

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I have just found a blog post being shared on Facebook

It was a blog post I clearly stated I do not want shared ,yet shared it was !

It has upset me,I don’t mind people coming here and commenting but a blog is like a journal to me,it is my life that I log ,it includes my creative work like my photography that I studied at college for ,

People only have to ask if they want to share And I may consider it, it depends where they want to share. 

The blog in question was here because it was for my friends to see,it took me a long time to write because I was in a flare with my disabilities and now I have deleted it.

I would not dream of sharing someone’s blog if they stated at the bottom of it “please do not share or re blog”,in fact I have never shared anyone’s blogs, I enjoy reading them but that’s it,I feel it’s like taking pages out of someone’s diary and photocopying them and passing them around if you share them IF THEY HAVE SPECIFIED NO SHARING.

People may think it is fair game because it is on the internet but that is not the case if a post is marked “copyright” or “please do not share”

The reason I blog here is because really only my friends view it and its a way for me to store things.

Feeling very disheartened and its not what I need right now 😦


THE DAY THE ROCK STAR CONTACT STARTED …The big Bowie and Bolan tribute day

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I do not know why it has taken me so long to write this !!

On 14th January I went on a rare day out, we decided to go and pay tribute to our two musical heroes,I could not bring myself to do it the year that Bowie died so we went the year after instead, me being the weirdo that I am I had a list of things that I wanted to happen..I wanted to see a “labyrinth owl” on the way there, I wanted to get signs of any sort from Bowie,I wanted to get contact from Bolan, I was not disappointed…….

It is times like this that we wished we still lived in London, we got up at 4am because we live about 80 miles away, I have to take all manner of equipment with me due to my health issues, we made a HUGE picnic because we cannot really afford the price of London food and it takes me hours to get ready, we left when it was dark…

I didn’t get a photo ! but one of  the first things we saw, in the darkness..a labyrinth owl ! I am not joking, a barn owl flew past our car when we had only been driving 40 minutes.That was a double bonus because it is my power animal so I felt it was telling us we would have a safe journey.

we decided to go to Marc Bolans crash site first because I planned our day out around a photography exhibition and we needed to get there at a certain time, but knowing we would be in London stupid early,Marcs site seemed logical, plus I wanted to do some evps and knew that first thing in the morning would be perfect


this is how dark it was in Barnes when we arrived


we were shocked to see how dangerous the road was NOT that Marc died on !! We were baffled as to how the fatal accident even happened.


the arrow is where his car (driven by his girlfriend who survived) hit a tree, the tree is no longer there



we walked round to his monument

Fotor_14844793737436the barrel is in place of the tree



I felt so so sad and had a sniffle, I felt Marc wanted to speak so I did some evps, I will never betray his trust by posting them here but they were amazing !! and they confirmed what I really thought happened that night, even Mickey Finn his bongo player said a few words and so did his ex wife June and possibly his mother.


I left this swan that I had made for Marc, it is in honour of my favourite song “ride a white swan”

we  then went on to Chelsea to a photographic exhibition of the iconic “Aladdin sane” portraits by Duffy



this cost £84.000 !!! Excuse the awful pic of me



it was then on to Heddon street in the West End where the famous Ziggy Stardust cover was shot, this is where things started to get really weird….

I had to go alone as hubby could not find anywhere to park so he just had to drive round in circles


first, a whole row of mini cars pulled up beside me, I did not get all of them in the photo but there was about seven of them, not something you normally see in the west end, Marc Bolan died in a mini !! at first I could not find Heddon street, it turned out the minis were on the corner of Heddon street, it was almost like Marc was pointing it out, dont forget that David and Marc were very good friends.

Heddon street has changed a lot but it was weird to be standing in the exact spot where Ziggy landed,the year I was born.




at Heddon street I was struggling really badly to try and fit myself and the ziggy plaque into a selfie, an oldish blond man sitting at a cafe table was watching me for a while, he then came over and with a New York accent introduced himself as “Davey” and offered to take the photo for me, you will see why I look so confused in the photo…because as he took the photo he said “you still miss him dont you,don’t worry, he will always be around you”!” what the heck ,what a strange thing to say ,I thought….I would expect him to say something like “Bowie fan ?” or “I like his music too” not something like he said, then as I walked off I realised : Davey…that was Davids original stage name, the man I spoke to was about Davids age, New York accent…David died in New York !! Blond…David was blond,I couldn’t get a photo of the man, that would of been weird, you will just have to take my word for it and I do not make stuff up, hubby could see how shook up I was when I met him afterwards.And looking back now, the man was right,David is always around me, you can see that from all the posts I write about my contact with Bowie (and all the ones you do not see unless you are on my private facebook)


me looking really confused as strange man who was obviously there to give me a message was saying weird stuff to me !!

on the way back to trying to catch up with hubby I had Bowies song “loving the alien” going round in my head, what should I see in a shop window but this weird alien sculpture.


Then we went to Brixton where Bowie was born, we actually stood outside his house,the house he was born in ! I just kept saying “oh wow”


the fact there was a birch tree outside which is both mine and Bowies Celtic birth tree, him being born on 8th January and me being born on 18th was not lost on me.



I did some evps outside his house and he was rather cheeky 🙂 and he continues to be cheeky to this day as you will see by the stuff I post about the contact with him,however… He is not as cheeky as Marc who is a huge joker !

we then walked round the corner and saw his infant school




then onto the amazing mural near the tube station, this is where I burst into tears and did not want to leave 😦 we both felt he was around us there, and later he said on evp that he was,strange, because you would not think he would be at a location like that.




I left this black star that I made


hubby looking at all the tributes, he said he felt really choked up 😦 and he is not the worlds most emotional person


we then had quite a bit of a drive to get to Bromley which used to be in Kent but is now classed as London, this is where Bowie lived after he left Brixton, we were hoping to see lots more places in Bromley that were related to him but it was dark and we needed to get to a shopping centre before it closed


I immediately sent this photo to our grand daughter from my phone because she loves Bowie and Labyrinth, this is part of the fabulous mural in the shopping centre






it was an amazing and hugely emotional day but we need to go back because there is lots more left to see that is related to Bowie and Bolan, we did not  get home til 11pm

some other coincidental things I noticed while we were there ….


electric avenue in Brixton opposite the Bowie mural, Bowie played Tesla in “the Prestige”,Tesla worked with electricity, what should be waiting for me when I got in :


a Tesla book I had been waiting over 5 weeks for and was starting to think was lost, but it so happened to come that very day


talking of “prestige” this was at a random garage we stopped at in Bromley



so was this black lady who looked like Bowies bass player Gail


what looks like a sycamore tree with a crescent moon, Marcs car hit a sycamore tree on the night of the crescent moon, he was obsessed with Magrittes painting “16th september” which features a sycamore tree and crescent moon, Marc died on 16th september



The goat pub in Brixton…Both Bowie and myself are Capricorns, the sign of the goat



Zebras…Marc sang a song called “debra” in it he sings a line “always looked like a zebra”


Byron…Bowie played “screaming Lord Byron” in his “blue jean” video


a perfect cross between Bowie and Bolan..Bolan sang about the moon a lot, Bowie had a thing about stars, they were very good friends.



shop called LOWIE , Bowie had an album called LOW, you can’t read the sign properly as we were in the car and it was moving,but trust me,it does say LOWIE


another screaming lord BYRON


spacemen /aliens : ziggy stardust / loving the alien (in the shopping centre in Bromley)



Since this day I have spoken to not only Bowie and Bolan but also these musicians: Prince,George Michael,Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse and Chris Cornell ….I keep most of my contact sessions on my private Facebook because I am not trying to gain any “glory” from it and feel that it is private,I guess they feel a link to me because I used to be a singer,my son is a musician,I grew up around bands and the music industry and I have the utmost respect for rock and pop stars, I aim to talk to all members of the “27 club” at some point.Friends on my Facebook see that information I get is all verified later by research,the methods I use are spirit box, ordinary evp,dream contact,cleromancy (dice readings) and card readings

the photos in this blog are just rubbish camfone snaps ,to see my proper photography from the day, please visit here , my graves and monuments photography site ,I was very honoured when the owner of Marcs monument shared my work : )

david bowie memorial photography by eevee

marc bolan memorial photography by eevee

Please do not share or REBLOG this blog post

And please do not share the photography links without asking me first (you will find my email address on those albums)




all my blogs (especially my rock star ones are marked do not share for personal reasons, please respect that,thank you)



this is really eerie ,we recently re watched the video of us trying to locate Bolans crash site /memorial

There is a part in the video where one of us says ” I will shit myself if I see a purple mini” Marc died in a purple mini

Would you mind telling me how we missed this? I was filming right at it and would have pointed it out !! (The one with red tail lights)

 Granted its a modern mini and you have to really zoom in to see that its dark purple almost burgundy,but it is literally steps away from the memorial which is just past the other two cars ,I am trained to notice the smallest of details so this is truly baffling *wow*










The rarest personality ,this explains everything !! INFJ

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For years I have questioned if I am just strange,if these weird things are really happening to me, I went through stages where I was put under extreme psychiatric drugs that I did not need (which have now given me physical disabilities) I never got on with psychiatrists or therapists ,mainly because they all follow Freud’s school of thought and I follow Jung’s (see my article psychic v psychiatry) I actually tried to study psychology at college but it was all about Freud and his perverted ideas such as the Electra and Oedipus complexes ,so I walked out !

I had supposed “in depth” tests, I was told I had a high IQ ,I was told I had a 50/50 functioning brain, most people favour using one side more than the other, for example they may use the creative side more than the logical side,I was told I use both equally.I was diagnosed with dyscalclia (the mathematics version of dyslexia)

I was also told I was psychotic and borderline personality AND explosive personality,I knew I was not !! I was in fact diagnosed that in order to defame my character due to speaking out against people in power…did it stop me speaking out against them ? NO, and you will see why later on.

Nasty tricks that were played on me by the mental health team while trying to defame my character (because the person I was trying to expose was a member of the mental health board) apparently I threatened them with a GUN …really ? Its very hard to get guns in UK, I am extremely anti gun,I am a peaceful Pagan and if they knew anything about me they would see my rants on Facebook about how I don’t think other countries should allow just anyone to own guns.

They sent me to what was blatantly a bogus mental health nurse who accused me of being aggressive and threatening (bad luck to him,I record everything for my own protection due to all the lies said about me) and he thought he would be clever by randomly asking me what I thought happened to Princess Diana ! Obviously he was trying to label me a conspiracy nutter to counteract the things I was saying about the person I was trying to expose (despite me having a room full of evidence) so I told him she died in an accident, he then started talking the most bizarre shit about until he went to Australia he had to only take other peoples word for it that it was there !!? I walked out.these are the sort of people who were meant to be HELPING me ?

I was diagnosed as “emotionally unstable” as if it was something wrong with me ! Its called being an empath !

I knew I was an empath, I have blogged about it before but I also knew there was more to it ,I knew there had to be some reason I had all these weird experiences and ended up working in the psychic and paranormal fields

I have found my answer

It turns out I have a rare personality type

(Article: soul spot TV)

This is ME exactly … explains everything !!

I am a truthseeker,some would call me a “conspiracy nutter”

I never stop researching and learning,I am often researching ten things at once, my house is full of books,every room is a different category of books,once I get interest in a subject I need to know EVERYTHING about it.

The intuitive and empath part,well that fits in with my psychic and paranormal work.

I am a writer,I have had my writing published in books.

I am creative,I studied photography, and I often post my homemade crafts on here.

I do prefer to work alone,in fact at school I insisted on working in the headmaster’s office on my own,when they would not let me do that any more I quit school,although I can fake being able to work in a team.

I do not have many friends,I am very picky,if I discover people are shallow or fake,and I discover that very quickly I go back to being alone.

I go totally bananas if someone interrupts my work (ask my husband lol) and I withdraw into my own little world of study for weeks on end.

I don’t want to go into my traumatic childhood but I was always accused of being a “drama queen” and a fantasist,when really I was an empath and a dreamer.

Yes,I am an old soul,I have many past lives that I know about,it helps me in my work.

I do get mistaken for being extravert,I am not extravert at all, I hate socialising,it makes me cringe.

I do strongly hold onto my beliefs and won’t let them go for anyone,I am big on justice and will risk anything to get it,when I am on the case I am like a dog with a bone,that is why I am still fighting something over 20 years later.

The so called “mental” episodes I used to have were in fact me struggling to deal with this unusual personality type and not knowing anyone else with it,and struggling to deal with my psychic abilities, it was all made worse by idiotic Freud following psychiatrists labelling me things I wasn’t,trying to dumb me down with dangerous drugs and closing down my pineal gland (3rd eye) their main aim was to shut me up and stop me being an outspoken truther,well bad luck to them because I stopped their drugs and stopped going to see them,and guess what…my “mental” issues stopped !the psychiatric drugs I was put on were so dangerous they were the same drugs they gave the likes of Ronnie Kray in Broadmoor high security mental prison ,a bit over the top don’t you think ? Another drug I was given has now been banned,yet thankfully none of those drugs had any mental effect on me…because I didn’t need them.
It sickens me that there are people with this rare personality type being treated in totally the wrong way 😦 I have had to reach the age of 45 and go through years of hell,believing I was crazy,and others believing I was crazy for NOTHING

My test results

I found some very interesting articles last night regarding being and INFJ and it all just fell into place

This one is the most fascinating,it explains how people like me go through various stages in our psychic abilities

(Image found on Google)

Yes I can spot a fake person a mile off,I read people well,that is how I am able to do psychic face readings even from photographs

The intuitive /empathic part of INFJ people is clearly what makes “indigo” people, I have blogged about indigo kids for ages and you can find a section about them in the index,I knew I was “indigo” and I know that my grand daughter is,it will be interesting to see if she turns out to be INFJ when she is an adult !

Here is a link to my blog I wrote years ago about my issues with psychics v psychiatry, if you don’t want to read the INFJ links above,at least read this one as it explains more about me and for how long I have had problems with Freud followers and wished that psychiatrists followed Jung (the king of coincidence/synchronicity, you know how I write about coincidence a lot on my blog)

I find it ironic that psychiatrists work with people’s minds but are afraid to open their own in case their brains fall out !!

We are not all text book cases,the sooner they realise that,the less people will suffer

My husband also took the test and he came up as one of these,we are looking into how accurate that is and I will update later

Please do not share or re blog thanks

The foo fighters coincidence

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Foo fighters have been my favourite band for years,I saw them live in 2005 at earls Court,

I must admit though to having started listening to other music in the last few years and not really being up to date with them .

I saw an article posted on Facebook about their latest video and thought I would take a look because Dave grohl himself directed his daughters in it.

I found it more than coincidental that the first video I have seen of theirs in years should have Tesla in it,blink and you will miss him though,and it is the exact same picture of Tesla I have in my house

Its also unusual because Tesla is barely ever mentioned,especially not in America,it is Edison who is taught about in schools (ggrrr,don’t get me started on that)

I know Dave has a fascination with the sky ,hence the video and the song title, and he believes in UFO s,hence the bands name (foo fighters were mysterious balls of lights seen near aircraft in world war 2 ) but I didn’t know he was into Tesla !

Please do not share or re blog thanks

Fairy cats ! (I have one)

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I have blogged about my cat before but I saw this on Facebook and loved the further coincidences ….

We did not know he was a Norwegian forest cat for years ,he has another breed in him though because his face shape is slightly different,its funny how my son called him chili though,considering snow is “chilly” ,actually my son named him after the band “the red hot chili peppers”

I did not know I had Norse heritage til way after I got this cat.

The link with fairies ! Well I am obsessed with those as you will see by my fairy forest in my garden and all the fairy crafts I make,that is probably due to my Celtic heritage,the Irish revere fairies,they respect and fear them equally.

We have a girl cat called Goddess Freya and chili worships the ground she walks on.

Chili does love snow but he is scared of trees ,once refusing to come out of one,he was only about three foot up !! We had to coax him down with ham.

You can see his huge snow paws here

He has an amazing tale

They are such loving,softy cats and they get on with all animals and children, chili loves our duck and his best friend used to be our dog.

Please do not share or. Re blog thanks