More stuff with Bowie pictures ! (And Bolan joined in)

The other day (5 Aug) I noticed my Ziggy album cover picture had moved

That is wedged in tight behind the unit and hung on a nail ,no one can knock it (may I add that I have tons of pictures in my living room not just Bowie ones,I have lots of owl ones,family pictures and lots of my photographic work but its only ever the Bowie ones that move !)….so I looked up if the date was important to Bowie

Yes ,it was the anniversary of his dad passing.

Tonight my digital photo frame that has pictures of legendary passed on rock stars in it because I seem to be the rock stars medium !!(unfortunately I keep most of my contact sessions on my private Facebook and it’s not just Bowie and Bolan who contact me)

Kept freezing on pictures of only Bowie and Bolan despite there being lots of other rock star pictures in it.

I didn’t think much of it and decided to catch up on some TV programmes I had recorded,I was going to watch some ghost programmes but changed my mind and randomly picked an episode of “horrible histories” which is a kids programme that hubby and I are addicted to 🙂 its actually really hilarious 

It was about artists, they have changed the way they do the programme,it used to be a mix of subjects and I didn’t know until I turned it on tonight that it is now one subject per episode

My frame stuck on a Bowie pic


Bowies song Andy warhol

Bowie playing Warhol

Mime artist

Bowie studied mime

Pablo Picasso

Bowies song Pablo Picasso

Jackson Pollock

Bowie wearing Pollock print

My frame frozen on a Bolan picture

Rene Magritte

There is a whole series of videos on YouTube about Marc predicting his own death,one of the prophecies is that he became addicted to Magritte’s painting titled “September 16th”

What is eerie about that is that Marc died on September 16th, the moon was in the same phase and his car hit a sycamore tree ! The same tree as in the painting, the painting is of dawn time,he died at dawn.

Its Marc’s 40th anniversary this September.

No offence to Bowie but if he was trying to get me to like the same art as him its not going to work ! I didn’t like his taste in art at all

…..but I did like Magritte’s “Sept 16th” in fact I have a copy

Please do not share or re blog thanks


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