My Sinead O Conor prediction

Two days ago I saw on the internet a really distressing video that the singer Sinead O  Conor had posted,it is 12 minutes long and is her crying and breaking down and talking about mental illness and saying she has no help

I suddenly remembered that I had dreamt about her months ago and didn’t know why as I am not a fan of hers,although I do love her cover of the prince song “nothing compares to you”,I am only used to contact from rock stars from the other side,so I was baffled by this dream.

Here is my log

I obviously really hope not but is it possible her behaviour is caused by a brain tumor she doesn’t know she has ? If its not then obviously mental illness is in the brain and my dream may have crossed wires.Or sinead may see her mental illness as a ” cancer” eating at her brain.

But note it states AUGUST

also MOON

It seems and I am not certain but she has self harm scars on her arms ,so she could also hit her head on walls causing black eyes if she is a self harmer.

moon is feminine, in the video she talks a lot about being a woman ! In fact it seems to be her main issue

It is coming out of full moon at the moment,and was full moon when I viewed the video

Whatever is wrong with her,it is a very distressing video,and I really hope she gets the help she needs,be it mentally,physically or both

Please do not share or re blog thanks


9 thoughts on “My Sinead O Conor prediction

  1. Oh my heart goes out to Sinead….I had NO idea she was in US & can’t go back home. And having mental illness on top is awful… I pray your dream is wrong this time….
    Here is a woman here with a brain tumour & she has changed from a sweet kind woman to a snide, nasty shrew. (She is one of the ones who swore at me & said we need to stay out of ‘their’ backyard!!) I hope Sinead gets the help she needs & I am going to pray she can find a way to go home!
    (I’m off to Dr’s. so will watch video later….)
    {{{hugs}}} Sherri-Ellen ❤ ❤

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      1. In my opinion, FAME is an illusion…..well what FAME is supposed to give people: wealth; security; notiriety. yet take all that away & there is just a person with a special talent…
        And we know alot of the time the person is more alone than us regular folk!!!
        Where are her children in all this? I thought she was married & had 4 children….does she have any other family?


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