And this is why the paranormal community is still a joke !! (Dead gorgeous ???!)

Oh I am absolutely fuming !

I just read this article,the title on the front page of the magazine was something like “we like to look sexy for our spooks”

Sorry its a bad photo but it talks about putting on makeup and trying to look gorgeous but not for a night out: no,these women are getting ready to go paranormal investigating 

“You weren’t what we were expecting” gasped the owner !!! Gushes the article

(You can bet that the only people who call these girls out are men and that could be dangerous ! I am of course not saying all men are dodgy but some are and is it worth the risk ? Do they take male investigators with them for protection )

They claim to be “serious paranormal investigators,we just love putting the foxy into phantoms”

Are these women for real ? 

Is this what you would be happy with calling out to help you with a haunting ?

Would you call this professional ?

I have some tips for them

While they are wanting to look GLAM

(A) NEVER wear perfume on investigation, some spirits use fragrance to come through,so if you are yourself drenched in beyonces latest fragrance, you may miss the subtle smell of violets the spirit of great aunt may is sending you.

(B) LAYERS OF MAKEUP are not a good idea,makeup sheds throughout the night, makeup is made from powder,powder floats in the atmosphere, powder then gets illuminated by flash,causing false orbs,I have a good example of this : a very very famous 80s pop star contacted me with some photos stating he could see orbs ,I noticed straight away that they were the exact shade of foundation and powder he was wearing in the photos ,NO SPIRIT ORBS THERE !

(C) if investigating for clients your clothes need to be professional but comfortable ,not clothes that look like you are about to attend a girls night out at a night club

(D) shoes need to be comfortable, you might need to run ! And you are likely to be on your feet for hours, trainers are best,girlie shoes make noise and that will be picked up on your recordings.

What exactly are you trying to “pick up” ? Spirits ? Men ? Or 15 minutes of fame ?

No wonder paranormal investigators still do not get taken seriously when you have people like this being let loose on clients,I despair, I really do, if I was a client and went to a website because I was desperate for help and saw a photo of women doing the pouty duck lip thing I do not think I would be guessing they would have a clue about how to deal with a haunting, they probably spend most of the night filming themselves or pretending to do mirror scrying as an excuse to check their makeup ,I would skip their website and look for one where the investigators look like they have wrinkles and bags under their eyes from all the hard work they do !

These girls should maybe do modelling instead and watch “ghost hunting” on TV ,but they really do not ooze professionalism and I cringed with embarrassment reading that article

And another red flag for me was the mention of Native American spirit guides ,why is it that everyone seems to have one of those ? Its not very original, I have a few spirit guides and not one of them is Native American,it just seems to me that many people who jump on the psychic bandwagon think that is what you need to have,yes some true psychics have them but not everyone !!

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3 thoughts on “And this is why the paranormal community is still a joke !! (Dead gorgeous ???!)

  1. Unbelievable!! and really silly…I would not take any of these women seriously…..
    And as an adoptee into Ojibway aboriginal culture, I do not have a Native guide. I see a lot of this ‘pop’ culture stuff & it always cracks me up with laughter! If I’d had a Native guide, I’m sure I’d have had an easier time of things….. 😉
    Great post Sis!
    ❤ LOVE ❤ Sherri-Ellen ❤


    1. Thanks ,I just don’t believe Native Americans would actually guide people, I am sure they go to a totally different plane and a probably reincarnate as animals like majestic eagles and deer (just my opinion) most people’s guides are people they knew ,those women infuriated me so much !! Xxx


      1. I believe that Native spirits guide their own. Just as my Bubba (Great Grand Mother Sarah) & my Nanna guide me. Obviously, I would KNOW my guides…And others would know theirs…..


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