My crafts : altar wine bottle and altar herb rack

My hubby accidentally broke my altar bottle so he bought me a plain pink bottle from the £ shop, it didn’t have a stopper so I had to make one

I glued on a wooden stag and deer that I had painted black, the boy has a blue agate stuck to him,the girl has an orange agate, I glued on a moon which is one of those glow in the dark ceiling shapes for kids bedrooms but I sprayed it silver

I made a stopper by gluing an owl onto a rubber bung from an old test tube herb jar I had

I found this pyramid shaped spice rack in a charity shop,I glued pentacle charms onto the lids,I have filled it with my most commonly used altar herbs

Printed out some labels using a groovy moon phase font

Please do not share or REBLOG thanks


8 Responses to “My crafts : altar wine bottle and altar herb rack”

  1. I’m so impressed; I’m speechless!!
    Love the stopper & jar idea & these bottle lids are FAB!
    Love you madly, Sherri-Ellen

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