Really unwell

Sorry for the lack of posts,I have been really unwell for a week,I may have something that I had before which was a strange brain infection /virus that affected my brain,I really hope not because I was extremely unwell with that for over a year !!

I am awaiting blood test results.

I will apologise in advance though because it does mean that when I am better I will probably swamp everyone with blogs.

At the moment I am in excruciating agony with what can only be described as a Tesla coil firing in my head complete with the noise and lightning (which is just lovely when I already have tinnitus and hypercasis and everything else)Its been ruled out as migraine because its way worse and I also have a fever and its not like my usual migraines/ocular strokes.

At least finally a doctor I saw yesterday agrees that the fizzing I hear at the back of my skull is the electrical current misfiring in my spinal fluid,every other doctor for the last 20 years has just looked at me like I crawled out from under a rock when I mentioned that.

Oh joy .

Hope everyone else is well

Catch you soon

And I was also trying a new spirit communication method and got these relevant words

STIR MEDICINE I was at that exact moment stirring my medicine that goes in water

HUM I had the humming I get in my ears

ILL AGAIN I was upset that I was unwell yet again


BRIGHT this was amazing ,I am having trouble with photophobia and any light hurts my eyes and feels too bright,but its actually one eye that hurts more than another, so its fascinating that it said PUPIL rather than pupils


The very first time I tried this particular method I got this !

Please do not share or REBLOG thanks


2 thoughts on “Really unwell

  1. Oh Sis this sounds bloody awful!!! And I’m whinging on about a ‘filthy’ cracked/chipped/infected molar. It seems this year has been one thing after another for both of us.I had a word with the “G” bloke & told him I can’t go on like this & I have FAR too much to handle so He/She needs to back off on the drama/crisis crap….OY!
    I hope you can find out what is wrong & then be treated to get you back on your feet.
    And I am THRILLED you finally got a resolution to the popping sound/spinal fluid issue. Isn’t it wonderful when Doctors’ actually Listen????
    I called my Pharmacy & my Doc has NOT refilled my Zop Rx….I told the Pharmacy Tech I am out as of tonite & about the molar & she said she is putting my R thru’ this morning. I am relieved…I need sleep to cope with all the mouth pain.
    It’s always something **sighs** Sending you white light of healing & all our ❤ Love ❤ Sherri-Ellen & Siddhartha Henry


    1. Thanks ,unfortunately its not a doctor I will ever see again as she was only a locum (why is it the good ones are always locums !) I had a mega rant on Facebook, you won’t believe what one of my usual doctors did or didn’t do I should say,put me at risk basically, but I will keep that off here,I don’t think I will get answers or treatment as usual,last time I had a strange brain thing that’s all I was told it was an I has to suffer it for a year,stuck in bed unable to even lift my head and having to drink soup out of a baby cup while wetting myself, I am just sick of doctors *sigh* The new wonder migraine pills they gave me do nothing, that’s how I know its more than migraine (as agreed by nice doctor, but what can I do when specialist refused to see me and was patronising…also in Facebook rant) I bet if I was a man it would be different, I really hope your tooth is sorted soon,tooth problems are excruciating ,that’s why I get mine extracted and don’t mess with root canal and such like,as an ex dental nurse I know the dangers of root canal and the failures with it too,and the fact they do it to make more money out of patients ! Fuming your doc didn’t even sort your prescription, that’s outrageous gggrrr but at least they corrected it,do you have a dental Appt ? Yes its nice that doc agreed about the fizzing but like I say…nothing will be done about it 😦 so upset I had to turn down seeing the grandchildren this week, I passed out when I went shopping yesterday and hit my head,so that was great… Not !! Love you loads xxxxx


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