Snow :)

Finally,we have decent snow,I was overjoyed to wake up to this, snow in our part of the country is always pathetic and never usually settles

Our garden henge has almost vanished

Inside the fairy forest is so pretty

I do not know if the lights will come on in the forest tonight,I hope so,that will be truly magical,if they do I will add some photos

The only thing that hubby and I disagree about in life is the weather,he hates the winter,I hate the summer,I wonder if that is either due to our ancestry …he is Greek Cypriot,I am Scottish/Norwegian/Polish/Irish or is it due to the time of year we were born ? He was a May baby,I was January,that kind of thing fascinates me.

Here he is,hating the cold 😉

He was all wrapped up whereas I was out in my pyjamas taking photos and I would have been bare foot if he had not given me a lecture !

One day I might do a survey on the ancestry/month born /which season do you prefer thing 

My daughter in law sent me pics of the grand kiddies enjoying themselves in the snow

As I was not able to get out due to my hips and do any proper landscape photography of the snow 😦 I turned the photos of hubby into some nice portraits

Please do not share or REBLOG thanks


2 thoughts on “Snow :)

  1. As P SH says “WOO HOO!!!!” You finally got some decent snow there! Doing that snow dance of mine paid off!!! Hahahahaha…
    I agree with you that time of year born plays a big role in which we season we like. I am a Xmas Eve baby & I ADORE Winter (just like my Sis!)
    I DO miss being active outdoors in winter tho’.
    Your photos are lovely! And I love the fancy artsy fartsy pix of Beardie. I like the 2nd & 3rd sets best!!!
    But then I LIKE ALL your work Eevee!!
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen ❤


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