The funniest not paranormal story

I do not know how we did not die laughing,you could not make this up…

The other night we came home in the dark, we had taken grandson home and watched him open his birthday presents, then we popped to see my aunt, so it was about 9pm,it was one of those days where it was just constant drizzly rain,

Anyway we were driving home down the haunted road where I photographed the old lady spirit that time and we could hear thudding/thumping on my door,the passenger side,it was really loud,it sounded just like someone urgently thumping to get my attention, we could not work out what it was,there was nothing wrong with the door,I didn’t have a bottle of drink rolling around or anything,hubby was freaking out because he thought the central locking was dying and he didn’t want a huge repair bill,but we noticed there was no warning light on the dash board,

I was freaking out and saying “oh my god,its Marc Bolan, he’s warning us” because it was in the same area in our car that I photographed his spirit on our tribute day to London ! He was in the passenger seat when he died 😦 “he’s warning us we are going to crash” I continued to freak out…

There was no where we could stop,after I said that the thumping got louder and even more urgent ,I got more freaked out.

We had to travel like that for about ten minutes before we could find a layby and stop, I handed hubby my phone because it has a really bright torch,I sat in the car with my eyes shut and my hands over my ears not wanting to know what it was incase an animal was trapped in the wheel arch or something

I then heard hubby laughing

“You are not going to believe this” he said between snorts

“Its your F’ing wizards cardigan”

I was wearing a really long cardigan and I had shut it in the door ,where it was raining the material had got water logged and really heavy,the motion of the driving and the wind had caused it to thump on the car door, the reason it had started to sound louder and more urgent was simply because the further we travelled the wetter and heavier it got !!

It really did sound like a spirit thumping on the door,we were laughing so much I almost had an asthma attack and my legs were so weak I could barely get out of the car ,we continued to laugh hysterically for about three hours afterwards.

I posted videos on my Facebook

That’s what makes it even funnier,the first video is pretty scary…just the dark interior of our car with the phantom thumping and us freaking out,then the second video with us laughing ourselves silly,and me laughing myself into a coughing fit because I thought it was Marc 🙂

I can’t post them here because we swear like troopers but if you are on my private Facebook check them out,just don’t be drinking anything 🙂 it is comedy gold

I don’t mind admitting how scared I was

And it just goes to show that even with my over 30 years of paranormal investigation experience I can be fooled …it was funnier than the time I thought my printer was a UFO

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