Further to contact with S.Es father

Last night I was talking to one of  my rockstar friends and my clients father came through with his name !!

Which he had not done the night I did the session with him

He also said this …he was Jewish !!

I was not able to get into a conversation with him because my battery was running out but it is quite common to have more than one spirit come through during one session.

My friend/client reports that since the session I did her father continues to make himself known to her 🙂

Here is the original session

Please do not share or REBLOG thanks


11 thoughts on “Further to contact with S.Es father

  1. LOL Eevee it is like a floodgate opened! For anyone following this story my Father died August 2009 & came to me in a dream saying he was moving on…..I misunderstood his message & thought he had reincarnated. He has tried to make himself heard for all these years…..he even came to me in a dream last year telling me he was close by…..as we say in Yiddish OY VEY!! Again I misunderstood the message. The IRONY of this is that he & I were as close as a Father/Daughter could be in Life. Now that Eevee has contacted my Father he is here nightly (I suspect he’s been here much longer) & now I can sense & feel him…..And I smelled his Aftershave 2 nights ago!! It was a lovely moment.
    And Eevee I suspect you are going to hear more from my beloved Father as time goes by!
    With Gratitude & Love, Sherri-Ellen ❤


    1. When he said “moved on” he must have just meant..to the other plain,the dream was a huge clue he was still around, thanks so much for keeping me posted and Letting everyone know how well this worked for you, it means a lot to me xxx


  2. Chris was part Jewish? I had NO idea! But my Father’s appearance makes sense….and maybe he was trying to say that Chris was Jewish??? I just read Chris’ background & as his Mother was Jewish that makes him automatically Jewish….thru maternal line! I think my Father was helping you, lol…


    1. Yeah your father was helping me I am sure 🙂 I’ve read Cornell’s full ancestry and it’s EXACTLY the same as mine: Irish/Scottish/Norse/Jewish/Polish..How spooky !! His mother is a famous psychic, you would think she would work out he was murdered *sigh* xx

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  3. Ah I have read a lot about Psychics’ who can not actually work out when loved ones are murdered. It is like a veil comes down between the Psychic person & the deceased.
    And Chris Cornell is recognized as Jewish thru his Mother! Very cool!!!!


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