Storm Emma !

Wow the weather here is crazy ,I do not remember it being this bad since 1991,

I find it ironic that this is called “storm Emma” since that is my birth name and I have been in a constant rage all week watching my hubby suffer on top of the grief he has due to the family bereavement.. Long long story that is too personal to write here but when he is upset I am upset and I don’t contain my anger well (its the Norse/Scots/Irish/Polish) in me

We have had to keep our duck in the house because her water bowl keeps freezing up !!

We have been snowed in most of the week but were able to get out yesterday 

And I am so glad we did,the grandkids cheered hubby up

First the two oldest played this game where he had to walk round with them clinging onto his legs

Lol at our grandson eating sweets while still clinging on 🙂

Here is the video,it is so funny

Then we made a snowman but it was the worlds worst snowman ,it is a bit square !

It seems to be tailing off now,I love the snow but even I have to admit that this is a bit much !!

I am trying to get back into my psychic work but it is very hard with the stress we are going through 
Please do not share or REBLOG thanks


4 thoughts on “Storm Emma !

  1. A wee bit of snow Sis?? These sort of storms are NORMAL here in Canada. But I know many parts of UK are not equipped to handle such storms. If you have any extra you can always send it to me! 😉
    Those grandbeans are the BEST!!! I’m so glad they are there to distract Beardie an help him stay focused on the present.
    ((hugs)) & lots of ❤ Sherri-Ellen ❤


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