Why you need “grounding” in psychic work

Grounding is so important, I cannot stress that enough,its how you stop negative energy coming through and making you unwell (especially if you are an empath) if you are not grounded you can invite in all manner of nasty spirits that will hang around you and you will not be able to get rid of them (not demons,demons do not exist)

This is a good example of why people without the experience should not even attempt to work psychically with murder victims

The negative energy that obviously surrounds tragic deaths such as murder can and will come through,if you are not grounded it will link with you and not let go

This “psychic” has been dabbling with the kenneka Jenkins case (the girl who was found dead in a hotel freezer,it was clearly a murder)

And this is what she reports happening (I have blanked out her face and name for privacy reasons)

Here are unhelpful comments she has received which no doubt causes her hysteria and doubles her anxiety ,which then makes her more of a target for negative energies

Here is my comment

This girl who is attempting to be a psychic is VERY young,she looks no older than 23 ,she should no way be attempting this.

Those of us who have been doing murder cases for a long time and manage to stay safe have learnt to 

*meditate first

*use protective incense and crystals

* use our guides as “gatekeepers” (much like nightclub bouncers)

*learnt how to “open up” only to positive frequencies

*learnt to judge signs that show the session may be changing for the worst and cutting it short


*ask our guides to escort any spirits away 

* use a closing down process so that the session is well and truly over and no one can hang round

* grounded ourselves by : use of certain crystals (such as obsidian or Smokey quartz)/salt bath/certain frequency grounding music (I listen to a recording of the earth’s healing frequency)/ putting our feet in actual earth ,be it outside or in a bowl of earth.

I have worked on many many murder cases,some of them extremely horrific and *touch wood* had no problems ,and I am an empath/INFJ and highly sensitive person ,that makes me even more susceptible to negative energy.

I learnt the hard way,way back when I had a poltergeist from dabbling with spirit contact when I had no idea about the safety procedures !! Its just not worth it, its not worth diving in head first just to get YouTube views.

It can also leave you open to “psychic vampires” and spiritual attacks by living people who feed off the vulnerable and can be the start of inexperienced “psychics” developing “mental problems” or drink/drug problems

Take the time to learn this craft properly if you have been given the gift
Grounding is also proven to be beneficial for physical health problems, it may just be the Pagan in me but when I get really bad with my chronic health conditions I crave nature and go out into the woods for a barefoot walk and tree hug (if I am mobile enough) if I am not mobile enough then I lay in my garden henge.


Doing this can also amplify your psychic ability.

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6 thoughts on “Why you need “grounding” in psychic work

  1. Spot on Sis!!! I have learned how to stop the spirits from draining me over the years. I’m nowhere as advanced as you but I am an Empath. As I mature I find I have to keep thee ‘barrier’ up more often as I can not handle the ‘incoming’ of others’ emotions or physical pain. Thank you for taking the time to explain grounding.
    Like you I love to be in bare feet on the ground & hugging trees!!!
    ❤ to the Moon & back, Sherri-Ellen ❤


    1. You are welcome,a lot of people get in so much trouble by not learning the basics and trying to be mediums…if I didn’t close down and ground I would have a whole line of spirits 24/7 trying to talk to me and that is not acceptable ,trees are the best 🙂 love you loads xx


  2. As someone who is 22 , is new to this. WHO ISNT AS WHOLE HELL GONNA be attempting to contact some muderers, this is good warning and advice. I love grounding too. People do some sensationalist dangerous stuff to get views and as a community we should really just do our best to move past that


    1. Thank you for reading ,I am glad to hear that you are sensible and use grounding,it is so very important, it sounds like you will do well ,you are very young (in comparison to my ancient 46 lol) and it sounds like you are wise enough to do some good work

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