Grandkids are the best medicine (and small messages from David)

We had our two oldest grandkids here for the day on Saturday,they cheered us up a lot, it was much needed !!

First we went to feed the fish in the village pond

A nice man who was passing by saw me taking photos and offered to take one of us with “your kids” I didn’t have the heart to tell him we are actually their grandparents !

Then we went to the park where hubby had some much needed fun

Grand daughter who is an indigo like me was not happy to find that the “Stonehenge” from the park has been taken away,its not actually a Stonehenge,its wooden,but neither of us were amused.

When we got back to ours she wanted to make some fairy crafts

She made this fairy wish bottle almost all by herself

Grandson painted this piggy bank

They both love crystals and grandson had been trying to take home one of my important ones from my altar so I distracted him with his own turquoise in a “magic bag”

I gave grand daughter an amethyst pendant

I had to laugh,we were playing a new memory game and grandson got this card

You can tell he comes to my house a lot because according to him it is a “David”

click for video

Talking of David Bowie ,what did I see when we got back from feeding the fish and I checked Facebook, I’ve never seen this picture before ..

Edit :

I forgot to add this

That looks exactly like the fish we were feeding

Another sign from David ,obviously I’ve been under immense stress with all the deaths in hubbies family and I’ve not been resting like I should and its triggered my illnesses…here’s a BLUEBIRD with a very apt message (see other blogs about Bowie and the bluebird)

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4 thoughts on “Grandkids are the best medicine (and small messages from David)

  1. I think children have amazing power to help us ‘Grown-ups’ heal & relax when we need to. All the fairy crafts are lovely! Grand girl’s fairy bottle is so delicate & pretty (like her!) And Grand boy’s Blue Pig cracked me up; now that is one Norse/Viking like pig!! Fantastic!
    I’m so glad you & hubby had the Grandbeans & a good day!
    All my ❤ & lots of x0x0x0x0x0x0 to all of you, Sherri-Ellen ❤


    1. They sure do 🙂 arwen is not as delicate as she looks ,she has quite a left hook lol I didn’t notice how viking the pig is, you are quite right and that reminds me,I discovered his middle name,although named after the family’s links to Pocahontas is actually a viking name ! Xxx

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