Message from my mentor about my cat ?

​OMG no way!!  This is my paranormal mentor Maurice grosse, he investigated the ENFIELD poltergeist and came out to me when I had mine (also in ENFIELD) , he told me that one day I would be doing what he was doing, this video just popped up on YouTube, it’s the TV series he filmed us for but we backed out because my son was so young and the BBC cameras they brought to our flat kept playing up, I have never seen this series, in fact I didn’t think it was ever released on TV and forgot about it…. So you could have knocked me off my chair when I saw that Maurice had a cat identical to chili (and they are not exactly common cats) is Maurice sending me a message to say that chili made it to the other side alright?  I would like to think so, Maurice has contacted me before, I can’t remember the anniversary of his death but it will be spooky if it is today (update..I looked it up,it’s not but it is close to the date I first met him)

This is a bit horrible though,this is how chili looked when he passed,on his side with his mouth open 😦

His other cat looks like another forest cat we had called Neo ! I didn’t have either of the cats at the time when I met Maurice though.
Here is a previous blog I wrote about Maurice

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20 thoughts on “Message from my mentor about my cat ?

  1. Just checked Mr Grosse ‘departure’ date & it was October 14th, 2006. So I think he came to let you know Chili is on the Other Side…maybe even Chili Beans did that KNOWING your attention would be captured quickly with such a video!
    I hope this week is quiet….giving you & the entire family a chance to ‘rest’ & recuperate from everything!
    Much ❤ & gentle {{{hugs}}} Sherri-Ellen 🙂


  2. HAHAHAHA!!! In synch per usual Sis!
    I am SO relieved things are getting back to normal for all of you there. And I am pretty much over the Flu/sinus whatever the H*LL that was thing! Now recuping as I got a Rota stomach virus (at least 5 of us have it & all but 1 also had the flu thing prior…ODD right?)
    Anyway, I ‘m feeling much better in comparison to the past 2 weeks!
    ((hugs)) & ❤


  3. As you know via FB I got in to see another Dental Dude who did a real number on me! Now my CFS has flared up & I am almost comatose! Plus the healing of gum will take another 2-3 weeks…..color me DUN (done) Sis! 😦


    1. Sorry it didn’t go well ((hugs)) i have another chest infection AGAIN ,its only two weeks since i got rid of the one that put me in hospital ! And as for the head pains,they are NOT migraine !! I posted on Facebook yesterday a comparison between mine and ambers and the reason i know why mine are not being dealt with 😦 i hope you dont see that dentist again,are they recently qualified or something !? Xxx

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  4. CRAPTASTICK Eevee this just sucks!! Is the Costo playing up also? I’m sorry you are in such a state….we both seem to be having health challenges yet again…. 😦
    And no the Dentist who did my procedure is a “Specialist” in Impacted Wisdom Teeth removal…..OMG! If I’d have had to have that done, I’d never have survived…..he is somewhere between early 30’s-early 40’s. Very handsome but not gentle with peoples’ mouth/gums.
    Give me Dr. ‘Moosefarrie’ any day!


  5. That’s the right term Sis! Heavy handed indeed. “Dr Moosiefarrie” has gentle hands & there was very little pain or soreness after molar #3 was extracted. I haven’t been on FB so will get there sooner or later!!!!
    (((hugs))) your AWOL Sister!


    1. Just saw this !! I will catch up with your blogs in the next day or so,as usual ive been writing so many myself and getting up to my ears in all the research that goes with them that i have tunnel vision and forget everything else 😦 xx

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  6. It is all right Sis! We have been like 2 ships passing on the night. I knew you were up to your eyes….all the blogs will be there when you have a mo to read them & admire HRH P SH, hahahaha!!!
    I am finally able to eat semi soft food on right side. . Here is the odd thing: I have a point tip on side of gum by the premolar. It only hurts when I touch it. I can’t see it with my mirror. At the far edge of gum there is another point also.
    The left gum is filled in perfectly & there are no points on it. Not sure what Dr. Mazzerati did but I’m still not impressed! **sighs**


  7. The point at far end of gum has settled 7 the gum is ok. There is still the ‘point’ by the premolar but little discomfort. The gum still feels a bit taunt. Is that normal?


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