Spirit box knew about quake !

I was doing a spirit box session with some antique items that a client asked me to do ,I got a lot of random words that didn’t make sense,that often happens,it wasnt until the next day that I found out that a quake had happened in UK ,that is quite rare !

Surrey is in South England

Luckily I had the spirit box session dated on my Facebook
Please do not share or reblog thanks


8 thoughts on “Spirit box knew about quake !

  1. How cool/freaky is this Eevee??? I had No idea about the ‘quake either…..the weather & nature sure are acting very oddly this year….
    Once again your spirit box ROCKS Sis!
    Love you to Jupiter & back, Sherri-Ellen ❤ ❤


  2. I believe Sis!
    Oh & during the week I saw chem trails in the sky above our building…..it is VERY creepy to see these. Even creepier that people do not know what they are at all!!!!!


  3. And we know thru out humankind history ignorance was bliss. Look at WW11. How could the ‘good’ German people not know? They did but they did nothing; afraid they too would be exterminated. Sad but true…..


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