Finally got a pic of grandsons eyes !

This good ring can be a sign of “wilsons disease” but I thankfully don’t have it and hope that grandson doesn’t either,I think it’s a disease more common in women anyway.

I’ve noticed that this rare gold ring is seen in a few people with psychic abilities,but usually people who have a while range of abilities…from Clair audience to Clair voyance and a while lot more

My other two grand kids don’t have This and neither has my son got it even though he is abilities up until he was a teen when he chose to shut them out

PLEASE do not share or reblog thanks


2 thoughts on “Finally got a pic of grandsons eyes !

  1. WOW what gorgeous eyes your Grandbean has….mine are similar; altho grey on outer ring & the lighter color is a tawny tan color….
    And as I can speak to Spirits & see them we are not surprised right??? Hehehe…..
    Kiss that boy from me!
    All my love, Sherri-Ellen ❤


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