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Contact my paranormal  team (Huntingdon and Cambridgeshire areas UK) 

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When not doing psychic work I run a small paranormal team for the Huntingdon ,Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas UK. 

It is now mainly just myself and husband doing it because running  a huge team became too stressful and I felt that I had learnt all I needed to from large locations,also we get far better results without a huge team trampling all over a location contaminating evidence without meaning to. we specialise in private house cases and small business locations. 

Nothing is publicised without written consent and if it is names, locations and identifying  features are redacted. 

We are non profit, we pay for all our equipment  and do not charge, although a small donation for petrol may be nice if further away than ten miles but please do not feel obligated. 

We CANNOT work from one investigation only, we need more than one visit in order to come to a conclusion. 

We are discreet, nothing we do can make matters “worse” in fact just having us there learning the story of the activity can be enough for it to tail off. 

We can do “spirit clearance”

8/10 times we can prove that there is in actual fact no haunting. 

Obviously I also use various psychic methods to find out what may be going on, we also do historical research of your location. 

(you can check out my psychic work throughout this blog and also in the “testimonials” section)

We specialise in poltergeists and EVPs

We help adults and children who may be struggling with psychic ability

I have over 30 years experience, was mentored by one of UK top experts and I have won some awards. 

Please look in the “paranormal ”

“not paranormal photos”

“media appearances ”

“about my work”

And “awards “sections in the index on the main page. 

You may also  find this example of a paranormal report  useful

please no time  wasters as I live with chronic illnesses so it takes a lot out of me to investigate but it is my “mission “to help. 

We do not currently have a specific website for our paranormal work as we lost seven years of work when our last website went down, but we do post some of it here. 

If you live in the right area and want our  help please  email

And ask for further information

Please do not ask us to join ” tours” or large investigations where members of the public pay to attend,you will see by some of my blogs why we do not agree with these.

It is very helpful to us if you can keep a log of any activity before we visit, we ask that you do not attempt any communication with spirits I.e Ouija boards.

(we will consider locations that are further out if they are interesting) 
Please do not share or REBLOG thanks


The rarest personality ,this explains everything !! INFJ

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For years I have questioned if I am just strange,if these weird things are really happening to me, I went through stages where I was put under extreme psychiatric drugs that I did not need (which have now given me physical disabilities) I never got on with psychiatrists or therapists ,mainly because they all follow Freud’s school of thought and I follow Jung’s (see my article psychic v psychiatry) I actually tried to study psychology at college but it was all about Freud and his perverted ideas such as the Electra and Oedipus complexes ,so I walked out !

I had supposed “in depth” tests, I was told I had a high IQ ,I was told I had a 50/50 functioning brain, most people favour using one side more than the other, for example they may use the creative side more than the logical side,I was told I use both equally.I was diagnosed with dyscalclia (the mathematics version of dyslexia)

I was also told I was psychotic and borderline personality AND explosive personality,I knew I was not !! I was in fact diagnosed that in order to defame my character due to speaking out against people in power…did it stop me speaking out against them ? NO, and you will see why later on.

Nasty tricks that were played on me by the mental health team while trying to defame my character (because the person I was trying to expose was a member of the mental health board) apparently I threatened them with a GUN …really ? Its very hard to get guns in UK, I am extremely anti gun,I am a peaceful Pagan and if they knew anything about me they would see my rants on Facebook about how I don’t think other countries should allow just anyone to own guns.

They sent me to what was blatantly a bogus mental health nurse who accused me of being aggressive and threatening (bad luck to him,I record everything for my own protection due to all the lies said about me) and he thought he would be clever by randomly asking me what I thought happened to Princess Diana ! Obviously he was trying to label me a conspiracy nutter to counteract the things I was saying about the person I was trying to expose (despite me having a room full of evidence) so I told him she died in an accident, he then started talking the most bizarre shit about until he went to Australia he had to only take other peoples word for it that it was there !!? I walked out.these are the sort of people who were meant to be HELPING me ?

I was diagnosed as “emotionally unstable” as if it was something wrong with me ! Its called being an empath !

I knew I was an empath, I have blogged about it before but I also knew there was more to it ,I knew there had to be some reason I had all these weird experiences and ended up working in the psychic and paranormal fields

I have found my answer

It turns out I have a rare personality type

(Article: soul spot TV)

This is ME exactly … explains everything !!

I am a truthseeker,some would call me a “conspiracy nutter”

I never stop researching and learning,I am often researching ten things at once, my house is full of books,every room is a different category of books,once I get interest in a subject I need to know EVERYTHING about it.

The intuitive and empath part,well that fits in with my psychic and paranormal work.

I am a writer,I have had my writing published in books.

I am creative,I studied photography, and I often post my homemade crafts on here.

I do prefer to work alone,in fact at school I insisted on working in the headmaster’s office on my own,when they would not let me do that any more I quit school,although I can fake being able to work in a team.

I do not have many friends,I am very picky,if I discover people are shallow or fake,and I discover that very quickly I go back to being alone.

I go totally bananas if someone interrupts my work (ask my husband lol) and I withdraw into my own little world of study for weeks on end.

I don’t want to go into my traumatic childhood but I was always accused of being a “drama queen” and a fantasist,when really I was an empath and a dreamer.

Yes,I am an old soul,I have many past lives that I know about,it helps me in my work.

I do get mistaken for being extravert,I am not extravert at all, I hate socialising,it makes me cringe.

I do strongly hold onto my beliefs and won’t let them go for anyone,I am big on justice and will risk anything to get it,when I am on the case I am like a dog with a bone,that is why I am still fighting something over 20 years later.

The so called “mental” episodes I used to have were in fact me struggling to deal with this unusual personality type and not knowing anyone else with it,and struggling to deal with my psychic abilities, it was all made worse by idiotic Freud following psychiatrists labelling me things I wasn’t,trying to dumb me down with dangerous drugs and closing down my pineal gland (3rd eye) their main aim was to shut me up and stop me being an outspoken truther,well bad luck to them because I stopped their drugs and stopped going to see them,and guess what…my “mental” issues stopped !the psychiatric drugs I was put on were so dangerous they were the same drugs they gave the likes of Ronnie Kray in Broadmoor high security mental prison ,a bit over the top don’t you think ? Another drug I was given has now been banned,yet thankfully none of those drugs had any mental effect on me…because I didn’t need them.
It sickens me that there are people with this rare personality type being treated in totally the wrong way 😦 I have had to reach the age of 45 and go through years of hell,believing I was crazy,and others believing I was crazy for NOTHING

My test results

I found some very interesting articles last night regarding being and INFJ and it all just fell into place

This one is the most fascinating,it explains how people like me go through various stages in our psychic abilities

(Image found on Google)

Yes I can spot a fake person a mile off,I read people well,that is how I am able to do psychic face readings even from photographs

The intuitive /empathic part of INFJ people is clearly what makes “indigo” people, I have blogged about indigo kids for ages and you can find a section about them in the index,I knew I was “indigo” and I know that my grand daughter is,it will be interesting to see if she turns out to be INFJ when she is an adult !

Here is a link to my blog I wrote years ago about my issues with psychics v psychiatry, if you don’t want to read the INFJ links above,at least read this one as it explains more about me and for how long I have had problems with Freud followers and wished that psychiatrists followed Jung (the king of coincidence/synchronicity, you know how I write about coincidence a lot on my blog)

I find it ironic that psychiatrists work with people’s minds but are afraid to open their own in case their brains fall out !!

We are not all text book cases,the sooner they realise that,the less people will suffer

My husband also took the test and he came up as one of these,we are looking into how accurate that is and I will update later

Please do not share or re blog thanks

Are you sure you want to be a paranormal investigator ?!

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An old blog I wrote many years back (2009), i am glad I now really only do small private house cases,running a big team was so stressful and probably contributed to my health issues ,but the paranormal has been in my life since age 9,I am 45 now so I will always be involved in some capacity ,I concentrate mainly on the psychic work as that can be done from home.

The photo has vanished, probably for the best haha
if you think being a paranormal investigator is fun or glamorous…THINK AGAIN

this is what it does to you,i apologise if you are of a nervous disposition,this is a scary photo,way scarier than anything paranormal i have ever come across in all my years of running paranormal groups
BOO !!! me after 43 hrs without sleep eeekk
This is what it involves daily…
answering emails from people with paranormal photos for me to analise ,sightings reports (oh and not forgetting the emails i get for psychic readings / dream analysis)
research for haunted locations
arranging things for my investigators
sending letters asking to investigate places
checking out the latest theories and coming up with my own
writing my paranormal book
updating my hundreds of websites
sitting through hours of footage of the same room !! and trying not to fall asleep
inventing experiments and making sure they havent been done before
work on my paranormal and psychic surveys / studies
wade through the applications i get for new investigators…most of whom are “most haunted” wannabees and total timewasters
this is what an investigation involves ….
planning which jobs my investigators have to do
working lots of equipment (after setting it all up)
making sure everything is documented
teaching newbies
worrying that im going to get “taken over” cos im the “medium”
doing my psychic location reading
mapping out all rooms and ensuring i get all the emf / temp readings mapped out
if its an indoor location ensuring we are not disturbed and keeping the clients informed
making sure we have gathered all equipment after working sometimes ALL through the night and not getting much
i then have to go through all the footage,audio,photos…not only mine but everyone elses too and transfer the good bits onto computer….this can sometimes actually take DAYS rather than footage requires watching hours of it without blinking and constantly using the rewind button
i have to go through the other investigators notes and incorporate them into my report
i then have to report it on the website
i have to write an official report for the clients
write a newsletter for my investigators
do some history research to see if it matches what i picked up on at the location (sometimes though my dear friend and co founder michael does it for me which is a great help as research bores me stupid)
meeting up with my investigators and showing them the evidence we have captured (if any at all)
starting all over again because only investigating a location once is pointless
at the end of a case,when we have completed enough investigations i then have to work out the conclusion of the case and write a final report,sometimes i have to tell the clients that their building is not at all haunted and its in actual fact environmental / psychological…sometimes they dont appreciate that

sooooo its not an easy job and we used to have about FOUR different investigations running at a time,some of which were huge mansions and involved a heck of a lot of work…now i limit the work we do because it was getting out of hand !!
all this on top of my various photography projects and bookings and the fighting the housing bastards case
there really is no rest for the wicked and although i moan,i wouldnt stop my paranormal work,its what i was MEANT to do
many thanks to my investigators for their dedication and their willingness to spend night upon night in ridiculous and sometimes freezing cold muddy locations,in the hopes of catching proof that there  is an afterlife  xxx
HGH UK PARA will be back properly very soon…im getting itchy feet already !!
so if looking like death warmed up as i do in that photo is not what you want…dont be a paranormal investigator LMAO


New year message

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And just to set it straight, my charges for my work are ridiculously minimal as I am not allowed to earn much and can only earn a tiny amount a month !! Hence why I would have a waiting list ,I do not believe in charging huge amounts for psychic work anyway, just “overheads” as such and to compensate me for the strain it can put on my physical health, contact me for further info and please remember, i do not charge for missing/unsolved crime cases (just a donation for petrol costs if out of the area as I don’t drive and rely on someone else driving me)

Mrs . eevee . Vachos @ gmail . com

New look and how to contact me

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Decided it was time for a new look on my blog,the menu system has changed a lot and I can no longer have my personalised header photo ,but I love the picture of my power animal @v@
So to contact me please email

(mrs (dot) eevee (dot) )

Or find me on Facebook  by searching for : Eevee Macauley King

You can find links for my other websites in the menu section….if you SCROLL DOWN RIGHT TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE YOU WILL FIND MY BIO,Links to my other websites and contact details and a full categories list

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