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My first UFO

Posted in aliens and UFOs on April 17, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Way back in about 1992 I saw my first UFO and it wasn’t just a tiny light in the sky that could of been anything.

We had been on a daytrip to Epping forest which in itself is a spooky place and nearby I would end up being filmed a few years later for a TV programme taking part in a UFO skywatch.

It was summer and daylight still when we got back from our day trip and I had been dropped off with my son who was a toddler outside our flats.

I had put him in his buggy and was just about to walk to the shop and could not believe what I was seeing ,hovering above a nearby tower block that was about 20 storeys high there was a massive disc ,the typical saucer shape,it had windows and a hatch, it was silent,my son saw it as did a few other passers by,we all stared in disbelief,the funny thing is that none of us can remember it flying away or what happened next, i just remember being in my flat excitedly phoning my friend.

Here is a really bad drawing

It was reported in the papers

But this was reports of it being seen at night.

They tried to fob it off as advertising for a radio station,they said it was an airship, well at the time I was scared of airships so I would not of stood there staring at it.

I know what I saw ,it was most certainly metal.

It had no advertising writing on it.

Who would be stupid enough to do that for advertising anyway,it could cause serious accidents !

What’s the point of using that for advertising if you do not know what it is meant to be advertising anyway ?

Not long afterwards is when we got our poltergeist and lots of “alien” activity, lots of ufologists do believe “ghosts” and UFOs are linked,I don’t personally but it did somehow wake up my psychic ability which was good ,the not so good part was that I was also very very healthy up until then, also not good was that my son was scared.

I am no good at judging the dimensions of objects but you can roughly tell from my drawing just how huge it was.


Update :

It was a bit lower than this over the tower block

But more this shape and in size comparison compared to the top of the tower block,more like the smaller one if that was directly over the top of this building here

More silly Facebook tests (that seem to be accurate !)

Posted in aliens and UFOs, personality tests, star seeds on March 21, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Sometimes I get bored,sometimes these tests are ridiculous but sometimes quite accurate as shown by last time I blogged about them

Here are some more

No to imaginary friend,yes to the rest

All true

The moon !! No to loud music though


Lol “wind”

Doubtful as not many people cope with friends with chronic illness *sigh* would be nice though

Like this

Very true

Lol with my health issues body is more like 200,soul more like 1000

Now that is weird cos one of my recurring dreams for years is that I am in a car I cannot control (I cant drive in real life)

Agree with storm part but not desert, cant bear the heat

That is actually quite true and strangely I did a cover version of “back to black’

Uuummm I can also be very angry but I am trying to be more white

People have seen my dark side ,although its true to say I’ve learnt to put that away these days

Agree but I am not shy

I have been told I am a ” starseed” interesting about artists, giving back control,freedom,activism for social change and privacy: all things I am involved in

I am re reading this book for a second time ,I am yet to make my mind up,and I do work with tektite and moldavite which are meteorite crystals and supposedly give you a link to extra terrestrials,I have had lots of UFO /alien experiences.

I do often wonder how I ended up doing what I do..the psychic and paranormal work !! And how come I didn’t just end up with a “normal” job

Night visitors ?

Posted in aliens and UFOs, george michael, rockstar contact ?, ufo forest on December 30, 2016 by Psychic eevee

Seems we may of had night visitors !

Have had not had them for a while ,I am being cryptic about it as I have to save something for my book ! But I have folders of photos of weird marks on us,usually after we have seen things in the sky,they are usually triangular dots,we have had three toed wet footprints in our hallway,we have had our son wake up with perfectly round drill holes in his knee !

I have had “growths” removed from my legs,one of which was metallic and blunt a surgical scalpel,yes I have proof of all this.

These are only minor marks but I find it significant that they are the first to appear since we went to the “UFO forest”

Hubby and I both woke up with these on our arms on Xmas day,not very good pictures unfortunately but they are exactly like needle holes,and we both have that burning aching feel in our arm muscles like you get after a jab,and our arms are weak.

What’s interesting about mine is that another shape has appeared under mine a couple of days later.

They are not spots,examination with magnifying glass showed pierce marks in the middles

The exact place in arm where you get a “jab”

Original pin prick in my arm arrowed with new oblong mark under it that appeared a couple of days later.

The “tinnitus” radio tuning noise in my ear has ramped up

What is also interesting about this is that I did an experiment, I normally have my girl cat sleep on my bed at night and get no night visits,the night I put her somewhere else I get this,so if you are troubled by night visits..get a cat !!


note this appeared on xmas day,the day GM died

My husband is Greek Cypriot like GM so he may of been linking to him for that reason

We do not believe it was a non suspicious death caused by an overdose taken by GM and that’s all I can say right now

UFO forest part 2

Posted in aliens and UFOs, ufo forest on December 12, 2016 by Psychic eevee

I am yet to write the blog about our mysterious day at the UFO forest but I have finally edited my proper photography from that day

click here for album


r4r1r100here is the official website about the incident

click here

Ley lines

Posted in aliens and UFOs, geopathic stress, leylines, magnetic hill, my articles, paranormal on November 15, 2016 by Psychic eevee

Ley lines are natural fault lines in the earth that contain magnetic energy,this energy ,like infrasound can give people the feelings associated with hauntings ,such as “corner of the eye phenomena” breathing difficulty, paranoia,jumpiness,headaches,visual problems, sounds and more.

Ley lines were sacred pathways way back for the original Pagans and they would situate their sacred groves on them,then Christians took over and built their churches on top.That is why all churches and sacred standing stones such as Stonehenge are on these lines.
It is also why a lot of graveyards are “haunted”some of it is not actually paranormal but in some cases it is ,that is why we use old fashioned cassette tape recorders,spirits are attracted to anything magnetic, cassette tapes are magnetic.

Also I subscribe to the ” stone tape theory ” and believe that spirits use the stone in headstones to communicate,we have had some of our best evidence from graveyards.

If I am investigating a private house I will Dowse for leylines ,my most recent case has a big leyline running through the kitchen where most of their activity happens,I suggested a ley line may be there and the client found on a map that I was right.

That got me thinking, our old house and a lotof houses on the same estate were very haunted,I found a leyline map that showed a big one running through the area.

On to where we live now,our actual house is not highly active,nothing like the last place but we have had a sighting in the woods,recorded “the beast noise” and seen many a UFO 

Looking at a leyline map I was fascinated to see this

Our house is roughly where the yellow star is

The ley lines miss our house but converge in an area of activity,and it’s all three of the major leys.

Ley running through our local woods where we had the sighting of ‘the beast’ and the exact spot where I photographed phantom smoke from the phantom plane (will blog about that soon) and its exactly where a bomber did crash in ww2

The leys extend towards the derelict airbase that is haunted and they converge at the exact spot we filmed ‘the beast’ noise !
Haunted hills /magnetic hills /gravity hills that are all over the world are probably near ley lines (see my magnetic hill blog)

You can try and combat let problems by “grounding” your home,this can be done by burying copper in the four corners of your garden or by having grounding crystals in each room,good one s are obsidian,apache tears,black onyx or any nature related crystals such as moss agate ,tree agate,amber or petrified wood.

Geopathic stress is similar but caused by the environment ,for example all the stray electrical and microwave signals,these can cause bad health and if you cannot sleep properly you may be on a geopathic stress path, interesting fact..cats are drawn to geopathic stress but dogs are repelled by it,so if your cat will not get off your bed try moving your bed out of the zone and don’t make matters worse by having mobile phones and other gadgets near your bed


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