“Alien” encounters will never be taken seriously..this is why !

Here we go again Just like my article about the woman who has sex with ghosts we now have this story resurfacing and being ridiculed Here is the original article https://www.unilad.co.uk/life/man-claims-to-have-fathered-hundreds-of-babies-with-alien-lovers/ And here is an example of peoples attitudes You can blame the sensationalism style of reporting,you can blame that the “victim” was silly enough […]

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My photography:fake UFOs at night ;)

After capturing the spirit of the old woman on a photo while travelling the back roads home I now take photos every time we go that way,I havent captured another spirit yet but I was playing with a new photo editor and thought I would make these in honour of “the rendlesham UFO incident” which […]

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Eye nebulas

I do not even know how I came across these . Nebulas in space that look like my eyes ! Its interesting because a few psychic people have eyes like that (usually ones that can remote view and are telepathic),here are mine I have blogged about them before (no I don’t have Wilson’s disease) I […]

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My first UFO

Way back in about 1992 I saw my first UFO and it wasn’t just a tiny light in the sky that could of been anything. We had been on a daytrip to Epping forest which in itself is a spooky place and nearby I would end up being filmed a few years later for a […]

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More silly Facebook tests (that seem to be accurate !)

Sometimes I get bored,sometimes these tests are ridiculous but sometimes quite accurate as shown by last time I blogged about them Here are some more No to imaginary friend,yes to the rest All true The moon !! No to loud music though True Lol “wind” Doubtful as not many people cope with friends with chronic […]

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