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Ghosts of shepherdstown fakery ?

Posted in bad investigators, bad investigators /my articles, my articles on October 15, 2017 by Psychic eevee

I have been watching Nick Groffs “ghosts of shepherdstown” and I am highly disappointed in him again,first I was disappointed in the fact he was working with Steve Huff who has a very unsavoury past (and thankfully has now quit the paranormal world) and now I am not impressed in this series.

Nick seems to be very gullible indeed ,I don’t think he purposefully sets out to deceive but this whole series seems to be suspicious.

Supposedly a whole town has become haunted and the police cannot cope with all the phone calls ,why people call the police over paranormal activity I will never understand !?

So Nick and his new team have been called in.

I noticed a few things.

Firstly a lot of the buildings were old run down student properties with “haunted” taps and showers ,I have seen that in a few places I have investigated,water backs up in the old pipes and releases itself some times hours after the tap/shower was last used…nothing paranormal.

In such an old town as the one on the programme,probably the whole towns water system is ancient !

Then they showed a rocking chair supposedly moving on its own (you only have to walk past or breathe near a rocking chair and it will move !! Ever notice how all these”haunted ” chairs are rocking chairs lol) Here is a tip : rocking chairs are designed to move ,the clue is in the name .

While it was clear an investigator was in the room next door

Conveniently the battery on the camera died,I am not being rude but the investigator is a big guy,its easy to walk through one room and cause floor boards in the room next to it to move,in my bedroom there is a spot in the floor where you can cause the door to close by stepping on a certain board

Caught checking if they are still filming ?

Then there were reports of a spirit girl who died in a flood,the historian said there was no record of the name given by the medium ,that is not uncommon, sometimes poor people were not listed BUT ….

isn’t it strange that they conveniently find a headstone with the girls first name face down under a tree !

Ive been a graves photographer for nearly 30 years (about the same length of time that I have been a paranormal investigator),that is NOT a headstone from the 1800s !

Where is the moss?

Where is the lichen ?

You would not be able to read the words so well

It would be damaged badly had it been facedown.

If we are meant to believe that had been face down for a long long time,earth subsidence would have half covered it .

There would be a lot of water damage at the base.

The base would probably be snapped, not cleanly uprooted.

That “font” is not quite right for the fact it looks like they have chosen something like “Victoriana” from word 95 or something.

In the 1800s children would have been buried in with their parents but most likely that little girl would have been so poor she would have been in a communal unmarked grave.

If her family had money to afford a headstone it would have had her surname on it and something like “daughter of ”

In the 1800s cemeteries were big on symbolic headstone art,such as cherubs for children or carved lilies.

I am not buying this and I think its a prop !!

The reason they have not put a surname on their prop is in case any living relatives of the girl catch them out.

We also do not trust the “paranormal sensitive” called Elizabeth, she seems to be trying to take over,it seems her aim is to get her own show maybe ,we noticed her looking daggers a lot at the medium when she was picking up information that seemed more believable than the information she was getting,we feel she is playing Nick ,personally I get a shady vibe from her,apologies if I am wrong,but I have never heard of her before,where did she suddenly come from !? It seems like she is trying to replace Katrina,Nicks usual partner.

The shoes that were found in the walls that are a protection from evil spirits,WHY would they remove them if they are trying to stop the towns activity ? Because they want more activity for the programme ,that’s why !

What really annoyed me about the series was that they finished it dramatically by blaming the spirit of a witch.

They had on one episode been in the woods and seen upside down crosses and said witches had been there,can someone please educate them on witches ,witches have nothing to do with crosses,it is Satanists that use upside down crosses to mock Christianity. Please ghost hunting programmes stop continuing to whip up a frenzy against witches *sigh*

And stop faking activity

If nothing happens,show that nothing happens !! They will not do that because thrill seekers do not want to know that 7/10 times paranormal investigating is uneventful.

There is a really great guy on YouTube under the name of “curiosity” who does various investigations alone and shows how nothing usually happens, I like that, the REAL truth is out there AND OFTEN IT IS BORING !!

Nick Groff really is losing all credibility, which is a shame because he was one of the few TV investigators who I felt was in it for the right reasons.

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