Reading for Mon 12 Nov 2018

Reading for Mon 12 Nov 2018 Moon Oracle MUSICIAN This is a card expressing the presence of an opportunity , simply there for the taking and the ability to inspire and persuade others,whatever your desire and whatever the nature of the project. It indicates an expansion of creativity and an ease of expression. Self expression […]

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Led to an Elizabeth !

This is a while back now (20th april),but during a spirit box session with the rockstar Chester Bennington on his anniversary,the name Elizabeth came up,I researched and it did not seem to be relevant to him so I thought no more of it The next day we were baby sitting out grandkids at our sons […]

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Black cat appreciation day

I appreciated my grand daughters cat Pascal,the one who looks like Bast I am not sure he appreciated me though because I disturbed his expedition to outer space lol Sadly black cats still get over looked for adoption due to the superstition that STILL surrounds them because of their links to witchcraft,it is ridiculous,I am […]

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