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Marc hasn’t abandoned me either ;)

Posted in bolan, rockstar contact ?, the rockstars medium on December 9, 2017 by Psychic eevee

If you saw my “hardy/bowie coincidence” blog you will know that I thought Bowie had abandoned me,I also thought that Bolan had too, it was quite depressing because out of all my rockstar contacts they are my favourites.

Anyway,it seems that Marc is still around 🙂

I was watching his sons video and noticed some coincidences that I think Marc made sure that I saw.

A silly coincidence I know,but oh look,there’s our bookshelf

Just seems a bit of a random item to have in a video !

And here we have my maiden name which often pops up with psychic things as you will have seen by numerous blogs previously, however its not spelt the same way as mine which is “Macauley”

Then the next day I found this book in a charity shop

It has Cygnus constellation on it ,my fave Marc song is “ride a white swan” I have no idea how I even found that book,it was on a really high shelf,I am very short, its a really thin book,very easy to miss,you could not even read the title on the spine without pulling the book out.
I don’t think they have abandoned me,I’ve been doing a lot of psychic work for Chris Cornell,which I only post on my Facebook, I think they are being kind and stepping aside to let me do that,but both of them proved this week that they ARE still here 🙂


Also got another Bowie coincidence, I was not going to watch TV at all but decided to at the last minute and spotted “the lazurus project”

Which I didn’t even record, I would not “part record” anything !

Note how that is on the “Sony” channel, it is coming up to Xmas, George Michael died at Xmas and he had a massive falling out with Sony ! I recently did an amazing George Michael spirit box experiment that I really must post on my Facebook, but I am currently snowed under with a back log of work and trying to wade through it all.

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Discovered something we missed during our rock star pilgrimage in January !!

Posted in bolan, bowie, rockstar contact ?, the rockstars medium on November 22, 2017 by Psychic eevee

this is really eerie ,we recently re watched the video of us trying to locate Bolans crash site /memorial

There is a part in the video where one of us says ” I will shit myself if I see a purple mini” Marc died in a purple mini

Would you mind telling me how we missed this? I was filming right at it and would have pointed it out !! (The one with red tail lights)

Granted its a modern mini and you have to really zoom in to see that its dark purple almost burgundy,but it is literally steps away from the memorial which is just past the other two cars ,I am trained to notice the smallest of details so this is truly baffling *wow*

You can see the full blog about that crazy day full of coincidences at “the day the rock star contact started”

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Something weird happened with the sun 16 october 2017

Posted in amy winehouse, bolan, bowie, cornell, george michael, hurricane, kurt, michael jackson, prince, rockstar contact ?, storm, sun, the rockstars medium on November 2, 2017 by Psychic eevee

On the 16th October I was coming out of a doctors appointed and noticed the sky was weird,it was hazy,there were no birds and the sun was a funny colour, it was about 2pm,I took this quick photo with my tablet

When we got home we looked it up and discovered this

So I realised it would be a good photo opportunity, these are my photos, I only edited a couple of them very very slightly because I wanted to show it how it truly was,it really was that dark at 3-4pm ,it normally starts to get dark here around 6:30.

I have the Ophelia picture in my house

When I thought about it later I wondered if in some weird way my rock star friends might have been using it as a way to message me,so I looked up how many of them had written songs that could be related … (I have had contact with all of these musicians,if you are on my Facebook you will have seen proof of that)

Wow,is all I can say :

Some said the sun looked like the end of the world

Its October obviously

Drowning …like Ophelia

The light vanished due to the sun

Bowies forehead sun disc

I looked up the date to see if it was important to any of them

This storm is exactly 30 years to the day of the hurricane we had in the 80s

 ,life on mars had a 30 yr anniversary ,the sun looked like mars

October also important Bowie month and another 30th anniversary

I also looked up 15th october because the hurricane exactly 30 years ago in the 80s ran from 15-16 october

Found this article ,the sun was like an eclipse

One of my most favourite bowie songs

This is eerie ,one of the last ever photos of Chris Cornell

Looks like one of my sun photos

One of my fave Cornell songs ,also looks like the sun did ,and it did look like the end of the world

From an article about the esoteric meaning of Bowie’s black star and how it actually means black SUN

I know its probably common to write songs about the sun,but ALL the musicians I have been in contact with !!

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Still not well but lol at this…swan with a rock star message

Posted in bolan, coincidences on October 28, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Because I am still stuck in bed with the strange brain thing hubby went and got me this from a charity shop to add to my swans in honour of Marc Bolan collection

We did laugh when we looked on the bottom


well EP is short for extra play record and Marc had an album called “zinc alloy and the hidden riders of tomorrow”

These things just do not surprise us any more !

But we do love these rock star coincidences 🙂

I actually have LOADS to blog,I have been doing lots of spirit box sessions while stuck in bed but I just don’t have the energy to transcribe them yet 😦

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Really unwell

Posted in automatic writing, bolan, brain, cornell, illness, medical experiences, Tesla, text spirit box experiments on October 25, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Sorry for the lack of posts,I have been really unwell for a week,I may have something that I had before which was a strange brain infection /virus that affected my brain,I really hope not because I was extremely unwell with that for over a year !!

I am awaiting blood test results.

I will apologise in advance though because it does mean that when I am better I will probably swamp everyone with blogs.

At the moment I am in excruciating agony with what can only be described as a Tesla coil firing in my head complete with the noise and lightning (which is just lovely when I already have tinnitus and hypercasis and everything else)Its been ruled out as migraine because its way worse and I also have a fever and its not like my usual migraines/ocular strokes.

At least finally a doctor I saw yesterday agrees that the fizzing I hear at the back of my skull is the electrical current misfiring in my spinal fluid,every other doctor for the last 20 years has just looked at me like I crawled out from under a rock when I mentioned that.

Oh joy .

Hope everyone else is well

Catch you soon

And I was also trying a new spirit communication method and got these relevant words

STIR MEDICINE I was at that exact moment stirring my medicine that goes in water

HUM I had the humming I get in my ears

ILL AGAIN I was upset that I was unwell yet again


BRIGHT this was amazing ,I am having trouble with photophobia and any light hurts my eyes and feels too bright,but its actually one eye that hurts more than another, so its fascinating that it said PUPIL rather than pupils


The very first time I tried this particular method I got this !

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