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Poltergeist activity courtesy of Marc ! ;)

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Last night Marc Bolan made himself known to us again…

I have dough models that I made of Bolan and Bowie,they have been sitting on top of a very solid oak bookcase for about a year, I made them specifically with their legs at a certain angle so they wouldn’t fall and break because dough models are notoriously breakable

Here’s the Bolan one with its legs quite far apart to make it stable, this was photographed in the kitchen when I had just finished making it,I then moved it to the bookcase,where it stayed and has sat quite happily since then.

The bookcase is so solid you can’t even wobble it if you knock it.

Even if you could ,the first thing to fall would be the framed pictures

The models were behind the frames

And I had situated them behind the stands of the frames to make them more stable

So the Bolan statue was tucked right behind where the arrow is pointing

We were watching a programme about giants and I said to hubby “how rude ,basically they are saying anyone under 5 foot 5 is a hobbit, so that’s me and Marc Bolan then”

At that exact moment the Bolan statue launched itself off the bookcase narrowly missing hubby !

I don’t think it was because Marc was offended ,he loved hobbits and was nicknamed “the boppin elf” I feel he threw it as a joke.

I wasn’t amused that the statue nearly hit hubby though and was broken

Hubby was sitting just under the “w” on my Bowie wall art.

So that statue had to have jumped over the stand of the frame,managing not to take the frame with it !!! Kind of difficult

Now missing an arm and leg and waiting to be fixed. And its had plenty of opportunity to have fallen before and taken the frames with it when the grandkids have been running round the living room,but nothing has ever fallen off that bookcase,not even the tiny silver wooden frames you can see

We started wondering if it was an important date for Marc,this morning I looked it up and found this :

So,it was the last ever gig for T Rex before Marc died that year !!

Also….after we watched the giants programme last night we watched a paranormal investigation programme set in SWEDEN !

Spell that worked for us for once (oracle set)

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no way !! Spells never work for us ,they only work when we do them for other people ,look what I won *jumps up and down* thank you my male witch beardie who actually did the spell and thank you also to Marc Bolan (explanation in screenshot) as the closing date was beardies birthday this kind of makes up for his birthday being cancelled due to that vomiting bug

They are so beautiful 🙂
just noticed ,my Scots highland ancestors also may of helped me win this as I’ve just read on the back that one of the authors is a Highland seer of Scottish witchcraft !

And its only a couple of days ago I had a chat with this Highland piper down town and was talking about my Highland ancestors, where I live now is no where near Scotland !

Just picked these and I am about to make a new scrying mirror,I am hoping the other two relate to my son and his little family getting a more suitable home ! But I am yet to read up on the meaning of the cards,I have literally had them 15 minutes
Please do not REBLOG thanks

A light hearted rock coincidence….female Bolan ?

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 I started going through 30 years worth of photography because my office is getting out of hand, while I was at it I thought I would try and find the photos of my 80s bedroom that was covered in Bowie posters to prove I am not just a “fanuary”

I found the photos

What I also found was this, me in the 80s “riding a white swan”

There is a huge joke in this house how I look like Marc Bolan ,and I admit that I do lol,I am the same height,I have the same cheeky grin and I used to have big hair,the photo above had me rolling around laughing because my hair looks like when he had his hair cut short and was riding a white swan, and omg we are both wearing a shirt and blazer hahaha, I had not actually seen this version of “ride a white swan” til recently on YouTube

When going through my old photos I also found this

Marc phoned ..he wants his hair back 🙂

You would have to really know me to see the facial expressions and mannerisms but we are so alike its spooky, if I had been born after he died I could blame reincarnation 😉 hubby often says “oh my god ,I’m married to Marc Bolan” it doesnt help when I dress like him lol

Even the same face shape as a child and a gap between the teeth you could drive a bus through

Thats not an exact match as my teeth aren’t showing but if you see “peach” on youtube and you know me in real life you will get it

Ignoring the hair I have a thing about massive Bolan glasses

Ignore the hair …look at the face !!

Ignore the hair ,but me with lots of makeup on

These are just silly ones (its a wig obviously and I forgot the top hat)

I automatically do Marc poses now ,even our grand daughter does it !

Then we fell about laughing some more on realising that hubby actually looks a bit like mickey Finn of T Rex !! I played this joke on him

Hubby or is it mickey Finn ?

And here’s Marc being a photographer just like me 🙂

I seriously was going to grow my hair and get a perm but I darent now !! I have better photos somewhere that are even closer matches,will add them when I find them 🙂

I have the greatest respect for Marc and I know that if he was alive he would find this amusing,by the way Marc,you are much prettier than me…keep a little Marc in your heart ❤

hubby pointed out that I probably should of thought about my choice of cover photo and profile photo on Facebook !

Lol maybe its a good job he doesn’t look like David Bowie !

To be updated …..

Well it worked ,my hair Just needs to be a bit longer so I can corkscrew it,hubby died laughing when he saw this and said it was spooky

Wish my hair would hold a perm ,I would have it curly in honour of Marc all the time.

Another Bolan link

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No way, I just don’t believe this one !!

I’m still putting together loads of research for my big Bowie blog and also now a big Bolan one but I just discovered this link tonight and was so excited !

I used to live in a tiny village in Essex called Weeley, I only lived there for a couple of years when my son was a baby,it was near where my grandparents lived in Clacton on sea.

The village even then in 1991-2 was so small ,it had about one bus a day,one pub,one shop and a post office, so imagine my surprise to find that in 71 (the year before I was born) there had been a huge festival there of all places and Marc Bolan/T Rex had played it.

Wonder if that’s why he wrote the lyrics “shes fasters than most and she lives by the coast”?

This link with rockstars just continues on and on,I have so much more to write.

I have seen this bus photo loads of times before and did not notice ” weeley” on it !!

We went to Clacton on holiday with my grandparents every year when I was a child,so when they retired they bought a house there,when I was pregnant with my son I lived with them for a while due to being a very young single mother with no other family support,I ended up in a mother and baby home in Colchester Essex ,that’s how come my son has Colchester on his birth certificate, we were then given the flat in Weeley,but due to being so young and being stuck in a village I developed depression and moved back to London where a couple of years later I met my husband ,then a few years after that was working in a dentists in stoke newington/Stamford hill where Marc Bolan had an Appt the day he died!! ,obviously I didn’t work there in 1977,but I mean the same dentist surgery was still there in the hubby was from the same area as Bolan.

Oh and hubby had a mini when I met him (Bolan died in one) not exactly a trendy car for young men in the early 90s

Also Mott the Hoople played that festival,it was only yesterday I was talking to my American friend about “all the young dudes” which Bowie wrote for them.


when my son was between the ages of 2-9 we lived just off silver street in Edmonton London !

Have I got my hands on a fortune ?

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I collect stuff from charity shops,I find things at landfill or in skips, my aunt is the same,my gran who I never met used to own a second hand stall in the east end of London,I guess that’s where we both get our “magpie” personalities from.

Yesterday I was at my aunts and she asked if we could dispose of some rubbish for her, amongst it was a painting, I thought it was hideous and then noticed it looked like Paul McCartney, I am not a Beatles fan,neither is my aunt (I only like john Lennon) the painting has come away from the frame but its not actually damaged.I thought I could make use of the frame…

Then I noticed the signature


Its a good job I know my artists !

I do not like Lowry’s work, I never understood how he got so famous,he was most famous for his industrial scenes, I remember the song about him painting “matchstick men and matchstick cats and dogs”

Now this painting I have is highly likely to be a fake ,someone was caught selling fake Lowry’s on eBay BUT they were the industrial scenes, in fact,no one knew about Lowry’s “marionette” heads until after his death

I found some online and they are very similar, especially the lips in this one

He painted them in oils on wood which is what the painting I have is.

He used only certain colours which seems to be the case with the painting I have

Then you could knock me down with a feather when I found this :

We are in Cambridgeshire ! So not too much of a stretch to somehow find a mislaid painting ?

I then realised that like most of my life there are lots of coincidences !

That morning I was showing hubby a new Stevie Rik’s (comedian) video,he was doing the Beatles and oasis 

Oasis which was my favourite band when I met hubby had an video using Lowry like images.

Terry Gilliam wrote labyrinth

My son worked with the singer of manic street preachers

Bowie turned down a knighthood as did Lowry

That morning we were watching a documentary about what happened to Marc Bolans millions

Marc Bolan was obsessed with a Magritte painting called September 16 ,Its of a sycamore tree at dawn with a crescent moon,he died on sept 16 when his car hit a sycamore tree at dawn during a crescent moon phase (I was talking to my aunt about that ,never spoken to her about Bolan before !)

Cilla black was a friend of the Beatles

I nearly died of pneumonia, I got to my aunts…she has pneumonia, I had to give her a lecture about going to the doctors

Also known as his “marionette” heads,could the painting I have be one of them ?

I didn’t know he had done this creepy painting, I have seen spirits like this

The marionette works were only found after his death which means they are probably more important than his other works

The signature is very close but of course it could be a fake

Lowry’s works have sold at Sotheby’s,I recently bought a Sotheby’s souvenir of Bowie’s art collection that was there,I am trying to find out if he owned any of Lowry’s work 


Lots of bowie tributes at “the Lowry” !!

A really bad fake Lowry.

So,my next step is to photograph it properly and get it looked at initially,probably by the Lowry musuem, if its a fake then unbelievably some people still knowingly buy fakes.if it is of Paul McCartney a fan still may want to buy it ,if its real,well my aunt is going to be rich ! I have not told her as I don’t want to get her hopes up.

You see things like this all the time on “antiques roadshow” someone has found something worth a lot of money in a skip or attic.

One More thing,Lowry did a painting called Piccadilly circus, we were there only a few weeks back on our Bowie/Bolan pilgrimage

I had not been to my aunt since about 14th Jan and actually was not going to go til next week but “something” made me go there, if I had not gone,that painting would of been smashed up and in landfill by now.

I have a few other things I have come across in charity shops that are probably worth money that I need to get appraised ,but I want to get a collection together and take them to london ,not just a local auction house