The Celtic birth trees and Celtic birth signs coincidence

At my sons new house yesterday I noticed that in the front garden they have our grandsons Celtic birth tree,the ash….with our grand daughters Celtic birth plant, ivy growing round it,how cool is that 🙂 I told my grand daughter and she was very impressed, she asked what her new sister will be when she […]

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More ancestry (brave) Scottish Highlands

I was always really good at archery ! And shot putting and throwing anything really ,I once threw a kebab at my hubby from about ten feet away and got him right in the eye ! He laughed and picked it up off the floor and ate it (eeewww) I never once missed if I […]

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Nature walk (and the dragonfly coincidence)

On Tuesday we went on a nature walk with our grandchildren ,we had promised them a picnic Well wasn’t it clever of me to pick the hottest day ever I ended up collapsing ,and was crawling while pushing Isaacs buggy ! Me and the heat do not mix But before that we had fun and […]

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Various kinds of astrology

Most of us know what our western astrological sign is,I am Capricorn, It wasn’t until I turned pagan that I learnt some other kinds of astrology and I was not surprised that I had been drawn to certain things for YEARS ! In fact most of my life I have always loved birch trees That […]

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Learning trees

Our grand daughter is learning to recognise certain trees,she calls these “grammis birth tree” because in Celtic astrology I am a birch,she is ivy but insists she is rose too because that is her middle name,she recognises my hubbys birth tree ,the willow because she says it looks like it has “Elsa hair” We were […]

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