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More ancestry (brave) Scottish Highlands

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I was always really good at archery ! And shot putting and throwing anything really ,I once threw a kebab at my hubby from about ten feet away and got him right in the eye ! He laughed and picked it up off the floor and ate it (eeewww) I never once missed if I threw something in the bin,even when not looking.

I was good at darts too but having an operation on the ulnar nerve in my arm put a stop to that or I would still be doing archery .

Its funny how these things are inbuilt in us.

My dad used to make me laugh,he said I could start a war with myself in an empty room due to me being at conflict with my Scottish/Irish /Polish and Norse genes ,haha ,true that !!

I would one day love to visit the Callanish standing stones and Stornoway /Isle of Lewis (we still have relatives there) but I don’t think my illnesses will allow it, unless things change.I think I will just have to make do with looking at it in books,holding my Scottish topaz and admiring my replica of one of the ancient Isle of Lewis chess pieces.

Scottish topaz which is actually a yellow colour but this is a bad photo

Replica Lewis chess piece

I mentioned in the earlier blog about vikings how my ancestors came to be Viking -Scottish highlanders,fascinating stuff.

I certainly am a “brave” I will take anyone on,I am not at all girlie,I always fight for our rights and other peoples and I have a very scary battle cry ūüėČ and I do not need a man to fight for me.
We are from the Macaulay clan of Lewis ,it ended up being spelt with an E when my grandad signed up for the navy and his accent was misheard, I am very proud of my roots and this Wikipedia page gives some fascinating history

Image source: Google search /free wallpaper


Various kinds of astrology

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Most of us know what our western astrological sign is,I am Capricorn,

It wasn’t until I turned pagan that I learnt some other kinds of astrology and I was not surprised that I had been drawn to certain things for YEARS ! In fact most of my life

I have always loved birch trees

That is my Celtic astrology sign

Note also the stag on that chart !

I’ve been getting stag things for years and making stag art such as these pictures, I just assumed that was due to my Scottish highlands heritage

I love waterfowl ,as you know I have a pet duck, she is almost as big as a goose ! (In fact a few people cannot believe the size of my duck and have even said “are you sure that is not a goose “)I just discovered my Native American sign is the snow goose, incidentally she is named Willow because we got her around the time of my husbands birthday and his Celtic sign is the willow tree

The theme in my kitchen for the last ten years has been ducks and geese

I am not actually like a typical Capricorn but I am VERY like a snow goose !
Chinese astrology is confusing,depending on what you read I am either ” the pig” (I collected pig ornaments as a little child) or “the rat” I have had pet rats since I was a teenager although I don’t have any at the moment
Picture credits :deviant art /google search/consult the sage / spirit animal. Com


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Lunar Horoscope reading for                                    **********

                                EXAMPLE READING

Date of Birth  31 / 12 / 1952  

                      Time of Birth P.M

                                                      Celtic tree sign                                                         birch

                                                    Lunar Symbol                                                          White stag

                        Lunar Position cancer (moon was in cancer when you were born)

                                                     Planetary Ruler Sun


        Numbers from the table of years (where the planets were when you were born)

Sun28 Moon11 Mercury27 Venus33 Mars34
Jupiter5 Saturn21 Uranus11 Neptune21 Pluto15

Conjunctions moon and Uranus  / Neptune and saturn


Main Traits Cancer



TRINE (positive)                                               SQUARE (negative)

Jupiter                                                                Saturn




Lunar horoscopes are said to be more accurate than sun sign or star sign horoscopes

Do not be confused that your star sign may not match your moon sign, for example you may know yourself as a Capricorn but in moon astrology you can be a cancer, that is because the MOON was in cancer when you were born


The lunar horoscope of the white stag represented the start of the seven month reign of the sun King in the ancient Celtic calendar.

Reference to the “white stag of seven tines (,months) is found in the song of Amergin ,an archaic poem and incantation said to have been chanted by the chief bard of the Celts when they first set foot in Ireland around 1200 BC
The birch tree is the first tree sign in the Celtic lunar zodiac, and during the first month of the year the druids used birch rods to drive out the spirit of the old year , a ritual known as ‚Äúbeating of the bounds‚ÄĚ , its purpose was to re establish tribal boundaries and the order of the seasons.

The druids mystical zodiac, based on their lunar calendar symbolized the journey of the soul as it followed the spiraling light of the sun through the different phases of the moon : the integrated harmony of day and night , sun and moon.

The druids therefore placed the sun at the beginning of their zodiac , a position where it begins its return , or re birth , after the winter solstice.

The annual rebirth of the sun affirmed the druids belief in reincarnation , the sun being an ancient symbol of life and eternity.

The actual name of the sun king varied among Celtic tribes , but the one great ‚Äú over lord‚ÄĚ claimed by all Celts is King Arthur.


You were born at a time of year when dark winter nights prevailed over the light of day. Psychologically this can initially inhibit much of your personality and individual potential

Contained within your psyche however is a powerful source of inner strength that enables you to overcome any personal limitations or humble origins : this relates to King Arthur , your archetypal character.

Like a moth is drawn to light so you will begin to discover your true potential>

As a result you will learn to direct your energy with great self discipline and ambitious strategy.

Basically you have the mentality a persistence of a long distance runner !

Which tends to isolate you from others.

Family obligations or responsibilities are a cross to bear at times and personal relationships can take a similar toll, time is on your side however and the seed potential associated with your sign should begin to grow just as the sun increases during the first half of the year.

You have inherited some distinct family traits of character that reveal a sense of morality and high ideals , and thus you will experience many inner battles of conscience , how you solve these issues is the key to your evolving psyche.

Birch tree character holds the seed potential of all the signs , and therefore the virtue of patience is attributed to your sign, there is also a second child aspect in the mythology of your sign that has an interesting psychological reaction : you may have to take on the role as head of the family , not through seniority of birth but because you take family responsibility more seriously than your brothers and sisters.

It is also often true that you are also the most successful family member money wise , but you are unlikely to flaunt your success or spend your money unwisely.

There is a sense of loneliness operating within your psyche that manifests as difficulty in expressing feelings , successful partnerships or marriages may as a result occur later in life.

Your moral character is strong and in business dealings you are regarded as someone with honesty and personal integrity.

Your self confidence and general vitality are also increased, while goals will be easy to achieve you must be careful not to become too superior minded !


You operate from polarizing your objectives into two main areas in your life , namely your career and your family , anything else is often irrelevant or not worth mentioning.

This extreme approach to life can place you on a knife edge , both emotionally and materially ,while you strive hard to reach a senior position in your work life and make sure your partner and dependents are provided for you are in danger of denying your own needs and self ‚Äď identity.

Your shadow self dwells within your unconscious mind , a lunar dimension of character that also needs to be nourished and understood.

The love of your family is not enough , nor the recognition or success achieved in your career.

You have learned , be it maybe quite late to believe in yourself , you have a wider outlook and generosity of spirit.

Overall your lunar placing is a powerful influence.


Your hidden agenda is to support others in their hour of need , but at the same time you must not let them drain you.

Although you have great inner reserves and you are a resourceful person , especially in times of crisis , no one has an inexhaustible supply on tap, so remember that !

Your lunar position marks the turning of the solar year after the summer solstice

A time when the druids believed the soul began to experience strange dreams , your unconscious mind is psychically active , especially at night when dreams of past lives can occur.

While you may be aware of some details , your karmic lesson in your current life is to give with an open heart and avoid resentment.

Your psychological profile suggests that as a child you may have been denied affection from your parents or perhaps they were overly protective , which can have the adverse effect of creating a claustrophobic atmosphere in the home, either way you must allow your partner / dependants more space.

ASPECTS (positives and negatives )

Jupiter (positive)

A very beneficial influence that shows a pleasant temperament , good humor and a generous spirit, this aspect is a sign of popularity and high achievement through expansive vision , idealistic qualities are shown , and a fair minded approach that allows for weakness in others, overall this aspect remains a powerful and positive influence , but the extreme nature of Jupiter can be directed towards excessive self indulgence.

You are an excellent influence for other Birch signs and elder signs.

Saturn (negative)

Ability to organize and take responsibility is shown but such abilities can be limited through a lack of imagination or concentration at times.

There is however a sense of duty and of making considerable self sacrifices in order to fulfil obligations or to protect those you love.

While your life can be sometimes short on fun , this aspect strengthens the potential to achieve successful objectives.

It provides a very sobering influence in charts that require a more rational outlook.

There is basically a natural reserve or cautious response in operation that denotes and autocratic nature which can be a steadying influence on alder, hawthorn or elder signs.







CONJUNCTIONS (planets aligned when you were born)

Moon and Uranus /  Neptune and Saturn were in conjunction

MOON AND URANUS conjunction

A high level of emotional tension is attached to this conjunction along with a dislike for conformity and rules at times , children with this planetary influence can be difficult to deal with and even as adults there is a marked degree of independence.

There is a genuine feeling for humanitarian causes and a visionary mind with a high level of intelligence ,which, f properly trained can be capable of brilliant and truly original ideas.


If the rest of the chart shows artistic ability this conjunction will provide constructive form to the imagination and inspiration.

While there may be some conflict between materialism and idealism , Saturn stabilizes the nebulous quality of Neptune.

There is often a flair for commercial business enterprises with this conjunction that works from an intuitive grasp of consumer needs.
Spiritual nature can also be inclined to be more orthodox and less mystical






THIS IS A BASIC READING can go further in depth see website for details


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angel card readings , spirit communication, rune readings, unsolved crime readings, paranormal investigations and spirit rescue

(person and location readings can be done in person or by photo)


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I now (after six months of study) can do Lunar horoscopes
these are much the same as ordinary horoscopes but instead of using sun signs / star signs they use moon signs,apparantly they provide more accurate and comprehensive readings.
discover your “lunar self” using the wisdom of the ancient Celts
they are particularly interesting readings for women since the moon is seen as feminine

see the ABOUT READINGS section to find out more