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Tyche dice 

Posted in cleromancy dice divination, dice, dice reading on March 29, 2017 by Psychic eevee

​As I have discovered that dice reading is one of my top psychic methods (I have done some REALLY accurate dice readings lately but have to keep them on my Facebook page for now due to them being about current missing people/possible murders,and I’ve only been doing these readings for a week !!) hubby gave me the money for this 🙂 when I got it I was amazed to find it is very closely related to the method I am already using !! Tyche was the Greek Goddess of fortune telling (and I did not know that until this kit arrived),thank you my Greek bearded one ❤ looking forward to learning how to use this
What I love about this set is that it is very Pagan/Wiccan too,it also incorporates male (sun) female (moon) the elements, runes and astrology/constellations, this is a first edition set because it is a recent “invention”


Dice throwing

Posted in cleromancy dice divination, coincidences, dice, dice reading on September 5, 2016 by Psychic eevee

​I shocked my cousin Marcus ,I threw a dice behind me without looking and said “watch me get a four” and I did..then I said “watch me get a two” and did !! #amazedmyself 

Wish I had filmed it but I do have three witnesses

Probably just a fluke ,I’m interested in trying again

Remember when I was helping with a murder in Canada and a dice symbol appeared on my face, turned out to be symbolic of a gang that may of been involved !!