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The fairy stone

Posted in coincidences, fairies and fairy garden, indigo kids, psychic finds, rocks and stones on October 14, 2017 by Psychic eevee

How is this for strange !

I was babysitting at my grandkids house the other day and I was standing in the garden,out of the corner of my eye I noticed a particular stone ,out of hundreds !

When I turned it over I saw my grand daughter’s initial “A”

At first I thought it had been written on it but it is part of the stone !!

The funny thing is,since she has been able to walk and talk we have collected stones together and I have always told her that the white fairy stones with pink veins on them like this one are “fairy stones” !!

I also love these stones because they are kind of like moonstone

Another sign I think that she will be very happy in her new house ! 🙂

The first sign was finding the birth trees for her and her brother in the garden !

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This was really freaky on Marcs 70th birthday !

Posted in bolan, bowie, coincidences, E.V.P and I.T.C, rockstar contact ?, the rockstars medium on October 12, 2017 by Psychic eevee

We were watching a TV programme about saxophone players that we had recorded onto our sky box on Marc Bolans 70th birthday,we did not watch it the night it recorded because we were watching Marc tribute programmes

So when we did play it back we found something spooky,firstly we watched the programme and of course Bowie was on it and I complained that they should have showed him playing sax !!

And that is why I had recorded it,to see him playing sax ,not singing !

The programme ended ,my sky box is set up to record an extended ten minutes after a programme in case it runs over ,this programme had not ran over and this particular channel does not have a ridiculous amount of adverts like most,because it is “sky arts” and basically it had a brief one minute ad for another programme.

Marc popped up out of nowhere !! It was NOT a TV programme ! He was just there,it was NOT part of the two tribute programmes shown,that were not even on that channel

But what was eerie is that the video (I have never seen this one before) looks exactly like a paranormal method called ITC which is where you film feedback from an empty TV channel on a loop through a camcorder (I tried that experiment once and it freaked me out)

This looks so like ITC (check out the schole experiment !)

The video cut off halfway through which it should not have done because like I said,its set up to record for an extended ten minutes and had only recorded for an extra three.

I realised it may be because it was during the time Marc was putting on weight and not happy with himself 😦

Did I capture yet another example of the famous Bowie/Bolan friendly rivalry ? 😉

This is not the first time they have “fought” over my TV.

Well I checked out the video,it does exist,its for the song “light of love” but its still creepy how it looks like ITC, how it just appeared and how it vanished half way through !!

I did do a spirit box session after this on marcs birthday but as usual that will be on my private Facebook

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Random Bowie /Bolan items

Posted in bolan, bowie, coincidences, rockstar contact ?, the rockstars medium on October 12, 2017 by Psychic eevee

My aunt was having a clear out and gave me lots of items ,I sorted through them,gave some to my daughter in law,gave some to charity and kept a few….

…..what were the odds of finding these I wonder ? Some times these coincidences do make me smile 🙂

The Bolan link : a “white swan” iron

The Bowie link : a “David Jones” bag, David Jones was Bowie’s birth name 🙂

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Ancestor dream coincided with TV programme !

Posted in ancestors, coincidences, dreams and premonitions, heritage, witches on September 25, 2017 by Psychic eevee

Hubby and I were watching a paranormal programme,just as I was telling him this dream :

“We were investigating an ancient pub and the owners said they had found old bits of paper inside the walls,one had a name on and it was the same as my maiden name,I told them how strange that was because my maiden name is not common,the owner then told me they found out the woman whose name was written on the paper was once a witch who lived in Stornoway in the outer Hebrides and said her name was Aileen,its very likely this was an ancestor dream and one of my ancestors was actually a witch in Stornoway ! would explain why I was drawn to studying what I do”

At the EXACT same time I was telling him this they pulled a shoe out of a wall on the programme and mentioned a witch who was supposedly haunting a whole town ,shoes hidden in walls were charms against witchcraft.

in fact ,it was the EXACT same time almost word for word because he told me to rewind the programme so I could hear exactly what they said.

From my psychic log

Screenshots I took today “ghosts of shepherds town” which luckily I had saved on the “sky” box
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Another rainbow link !

Posted in coincidences, indigo kids, rainbows, rainbows/prisms on September 25, 2017 by Psychic eevee

I decided I am going to do a quick one card reading for my friends on Facebook every Monday starting today …..

I have lots of different oracle sets and randomly chose “natures blessings” which is a free set I got with a magazine

Well you could have knocked me over with a feather when I pulled this card !!

Baby Eva is doing very well,she has passed all her screening checks with flying colours 🙂

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