The mural coincidences

What a coincidence that the artist who did the Bowie mural we went to visit (Me at the mural) Has also done three other murals that are relevant to me ….barn owl,my power /spirit animal With a birch tree at the bottom which is my Celtic birth tree And a modern version of “Ophelia” which […]

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The Bowie moon conundrum

So I saw this on a Bowie page I am not saying it is definitely my work but look .. This is not a high quality version of my photograph BUT if you slightly sharpen it and use a slightly different tint filter as in the photo of Bowie,it COULD be mine ! My photo […]

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The rainbow rock coincidence

The before Xmas eve the grandkids came over for the day,we decided to go to the park but halfway there our grandson got very upset because he was very very tired, so I sent hubby to take him home and I carried on with our grand daughter to the park, we had fun,we first stopped […]

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