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When being psychic is traumatic

Posted in comments and testimonials, INFJ, missing and crime readings on November 20, 2017 by Psychic eevee

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There has been a case here of a missing girl who I will not name out of respect as it was very very recent,unfortunately she was found deceased, the night before I had done a psychic reading and a spirit box to gain information, it was one of the most detailed sessions ever ! I had also done a card reading

Before I even had a chance to post my videos of the spirit box on my private Facebook (although I had posted quite an in depth intuitive  reading) I saw the news,that the girl had been found exactly how and where I had predicted ! So much of the sessions had turned out to be accurate that I already have over 80 “matches” ,one day I may post it here but right now it would seem inappropriate.(as usual it is all dated and logged)

I went into a depression, because I am an empath, it just distresses me that there is nothing I can do with the knowledge that I have and I have to live with that, thankfully I have kind friends who know me in real life who support me and know that what I do IS accurate

I cried a lot since the girl was found, some may say why don’t I just stop what I am doing ! But I can’t, when you are given this ability its for a reason, also I am an INFJ and its built into me to help get justice,spend my life researching and to be intuitive. That is not something I can just stop !! Because it is my personality and the way my brain works.

And it angers me too because it is yet another example of why the heck do police not consult reputable psychics in this country,I am not talking about everyone and their dog who think they are psychic, but ones with provable history,who really can help,ones who are not after the glory and fame (because I think that is what the police are actually scared of) ones who want to help, who don’t charge and do not even care if their names are mentioned or not,it would save so much tax payers money, police man hours,wasted time and in some cases could even find some of these tragic victims BEFORE it is too late 😦

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Testimonial for a spell

Posted in comments and testimonials on January 23, 2016 by Psychic eevee

Thanks, Eevee, for the spell and the little bundle you sent when i was going through some rough times. I really think it helped me get back on my feet. I now have my own apartment where I can keep my cats, and I have a job. (You can put this on your website if you need a testimonial.)

Thank you “L” for letting me post this


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found one of my certificates so I thought I should post it here



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I cannot post the reading here as it was a very personal one but this is a lovely testimonial that I got today, It makes it all worth while when people show their gratitude to me with lovely words like this : )

BANG ON!!!!!! EVERYTHING!!!!! Seriously!!! I will have to reply at length later today but I had to let you know how Fecking amazing you are!!!! WOW!!! I am overwhelmed…you are amazing…I know I keep saying this.. thank you  xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo (more than you know)


Posted in comments and testimonials with tags on December 7, 2012 by Psychic eevee

got this nice comment today from someone on spiritual networks ( it is a place just like facebook but for spiritual people)

Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your circle of virtual friends. Interesting web site eeveeliy… provocative content.