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Contact my paranormal  team (Huntingdon and Cambridgeshire areas UK) 

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When not doing psychic work I run a small paranormal team for the Huntingdon ,Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas UK. 

It is now mainly just myself and husband doing it because running  a huge team became too stressful and I felt that I had learnt all I needed to from large locations,also we get far better results without a huge team trampling all over a location contaminating evidence without meaning to. we specialise in private house cases and small business locations. 

Nothing is publicised without written consent and if it is names, locations and identifying  features are redacted. 

We are non profit, we pay for all our equipment  and do not charge, although a small donation for petrol may be nice if further away than ten miles but please do not feel obligated. 

We CANNOT work from one investigation only, we need more than one visit in order to come to a conclusion. 

We are discreet, nothing we do can make matters “worse” in fact just having us there learning the story of the activity can be enough for it to tail off. 

We can do “spirit clearance”

8/10 times we can prove that there is in actual fact no haunting. 

Obviously I also use various psychic methods to find out what may be going on, we also do historical research of your location. 

(you can check out my psychic work throughout this blog and also in the “testimonials” section)

We specialise in poltergeists and EVPs

We help adults and children who may be struggling with psychic ability

I have over 30 years experience, was mentored by one of UK top experts and I have won some awards. 

Please look in the “paranormal ”

“not paranormal photos”

“media appearances ”

“about my work”

And “awards “sections in the index on the main page. 

You may also  find this example of a paranormal report  useful

please no time  wasters as I live with chronic illnesses so it takes a lot out of me to investigate but it is my “mission “to help. 

We do not currently have a specific website for our paranormal work as we lost seven years of work when our last website went down, but we do post some of it here. 

If you live in the right area and want our  help please  email

And ask for further information

Please do not ask us to join ” tours” or large investigations where members of the public pay to attend,you will see by some of my blogs why we do not agree with these.

It is very helpful to us if you can keep a log of any activity before we visit, we ask that you do not attempt any communication with spirits I.e Ouija boards.

(we will consider locations that are further out if they are interesting) 
Please do not share or REBLOG thanks