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halloween contact with my Dad

Posted in contact with relatives who have passed, paranormal investigation hits, paranormal our house, spirit contact on December 10, 2015 by Psychic eevee


On the 30th October it was the first anniversary of my Dad dying from lung cancer,We did our usual ancestor altar and some paranormal tests, I did not really expect to get anything (although my Dad did leave an image of his face in my plasma ball not long after he passed, it was recognised by more than one family member and we ruled paredoila out)

When going through the evp recordings from halloween, some where a “ghost box” was used and some without I was shocked firstly to hear a very clear “miaow” from our cat Lili Beth (all our other cats were shut upstairs at the time of the tests, and the miaow we captured was right next to the microphone)

but even better than that, quite clearly you could hear my Dad say “look at me” and then “listen” this clearly was him as the voice had a cockney accent and the slight whistle my Dad had at times,.it was exactly the sort of thing he used to say all the time when he wanted attention “look at me, listen”

as well as that he says my Aunt Sharons name when i ask does he have a message for any of the relatives, Sharon always felt that just before he passed he was trying to say something to her !

he also said my son “Nathans” name and when I asked if what i suspected had been going on behind the scenes he answered “yes”

he also said my name, we often discussed the paranormal when he was alive.

we also recorded his cough that he had quite badly in the last year

the recordings are what investigators would label “class A” which is the clearest class, I would like to put the recordings on here but out of respect to the family i do not feel it is right, however five or six people listened to them and said straightaway that they were my Dad.

I feel he has a lot more to say and he did used to joke that when he was gone he would talk all over my recordings.

Some people would find this sort of thing disturbing but to myself and a few other relatives we have all found it a comfort