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Health and desperation !

Posted in crystal healing experiences, crystals, crystals and meditation, drugs and medications, healing, medical experiences, nature and grounding, psychic study please help, Tesla on May 25, 2017 by Psychic eevee

There are serious concerns about my health at the moment,I have a lot of chronic conditions, I often have more than one thing going on at once (in fact there is not one day goes by when i dont have something )and I normally grit my teeth through it all,but never have I has this much going on at once and for so long ,you know its bad when I cry,get depressed and have to turn down seeing my beautiful grandchildren ūüė¶

My hubby even had to have a word with our son who has been shielded from what I really go through beacause I have become a master at hiding it,I am now “immune” or “allergic” to most medication and they help not one bit !

They are the only choice I have as this country is so backward with these illnesses,

Yes I have tried more natural methods, its been left too long .
These illnesses come ironically from my old nursing jobs and the hep b jabs I had to have, the mercury I worked with ,PTSD from my childhood, damage to my brain from mental health drugs I didn’t even need,head injury,living with asbestos and black mold and more (I was born with some of it) before knowing more about alternative treatments I had already been damaged by medications that doctors keep people like me on to make money from pharma companies ! Now I am dependent and would need rehab,which ironically is not free on NHS,so no hope of that.I am now at the point that I am terrified I am going to die from all the medication and it will be for nothing cos it doesnt even work properly, i am sick of carrying around a suitcase full of drugs and planning my life round it ! Ive made myself worse by not using my wheelchair when i should due to nasty comments because people dont understand, or should I say don’t want to “invisible” or fluctuating illness,ive lost so called family and friends because they dont want to deal with it,i will never work again and neither will hubby who has had to quit work to be my full time carer,doctors don’t help or test me properly because they know damn well a lot of it will point back to when i worked as a nurse for NHS,well thats nice isnt it !! Thats the thanks I get !

I cope with a hell of a lot of pain that most people couldn’t cope with,in fact I have operations wide awake with no anaesthetic ,one of which I was strongly advised not to do (having the ulnar nerve scraped from the bone where it had fused in my arm) meditation saw me through that and I was so still and peaceful on the operating table they thought I had died of shock (only one other person in my surgeons 40 year history of being a surgeon had gone through that awake and they were begging to be knocked out after five minutes)

But the last two weeks have been too much for me to cope with,I just hope it eases off soon

Here’s what its been like :

Fibro flare

Hip dislocation

So much pain ,never like it before

Spine burning

Whole body burning

Inside bones burning

Left thigh muscle (new)

Severe cramp both calves lasted ages (new)

Costo and crossed ribs now happening on rt side 

Speech problem/ brain fog/tics and tremors

Mild m.e /CFS


Pancreatic pain

Burning hands and cramp

Migraine and head pressure


Cold pain eyes mostly rt

Cold pain nose

Blackout when coughing and excruciating pain shooting pain up arms

Vertigo mild

Unaccounted for bruises on legs

Bruised feeling forehead and top of head

Ears closing up/radio tuning noise/tinnitus/hypercasis


Fizzing base of skull

Feeling sick

Still remains of chest infection

Sacro and bursitis

Weak all over

Numbness and pins and needles feet and hands

Dead patches legs

Pain when moving eyes

Start of pomphylx eczema ?

Dodgy vision/ocular stroke

Drugs doing NOTHING

Not saying this for pity, just wondering who else with psychic ability has any of this (these are only some of the things I have by the way)

I did start a study on this but didn’t get enough data to come to a conclusion, please let me know if you would like to take part in my study (anonymously of course)

 I got so desperate tonight I literally crawled out into the garden,lay down in front of our garden henge,got hubby to hold clear quartz on my worst trigger points while I burnt a blue candle for healing and listened to “earth’s healing vibes” ,I really needed to get out in nature and ground myself but as a nature walk was out of the question this was all I could do…will find out in the morning if it helped !!

My garden henge ,I lay in front of this,it has a lot of earth energy because it is on a ley line and under the north star and two old trees,and is where we do our spells and rituals

Bad photos sorry

Clear quartz ,a master healer on my sacro ileac points (back of pelvis,which with me separates and stops me walking)

After I did this I found lots of Tesla coil healing frequency sounds on YouTube, as I am such a huge Tesla fan I shall try that next time ,if my ears can cope with it because I do have hypercasis which means my hearing is six times better than most peoples,and I also have misophonia. But its worth a try, stay tuned (pardon the pun)

Please do not share or REBLOG thanks


CHILI AND JASPER (more cat coincidences)

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you have already read about how my latest cat Freya seemed to choose me,

well there are some other cat coincidences in my life

first lets talk about Chili


it was not until about three years ago that my Son worked out that Chili is a  Norwegian forest cat, it was not until last year that I found out about my Norse/Norwegian heritage that obviously led to me being Pagan without me realising why at the  time,

well, Chili was named by my Son after the band “The Red Hot Chili peppers” so its quite amusing thinking about it now how he is called Chili and comes from a country that is known for its cold ! we did wonder why he insists on drinking ice cold water, obviously inbuilt hereditary memories in him from his ancestors drinking from ice cold¬†Fjords

next we have Jasper :


he went through many a name change, then I decided that I would call him that to describe his red fur because I did know that Jasper is a kind of red colour

Jasper was born on the exact day that my beloved Gran died, I was helping Jasper’s Mum Star to birth him, because he was a difficult delivery and my vet nurse training came in helpful, otherwise he would not have made it, my Gran used to be a nurse so I like to think that she was guiding me throughout his birth



I knew nothing about crystals and stones way back when he was born

In fact it has only been in the last few weeks that I have been researching them, I looked up Jasper just now as I was writing this blog , looks like I need to carry some Jasper with me, seems to be one of the suitable stones for me !!

but the meaning of Jasper is :

Red Jasper Gemstone meaning

A strong protection gemstone, red jasper is known to protect against hazards of the night. Red jasper is very lucky for actors.(I used to go to stage school) Jasper is one of the oldest known gemstones. It is mentioned in the Bible several times. Jasper is a strong securing gemstone. It is a stability gemstone. It is a powerful protection against things that are not good for you (maybe that is why the medications I am on have not as yet caused me problems) and it eases emotional stresses,( I have a lot of that) making it a wonderful gemstone to have in your home.

Jasper gives one the courage to speak out and have personal independence (something that I do a lot of and it has got me into trouble lol). It also protects from fears in the night.(useful for my ghost hunting work) Red jasper is thought to help balance the energy in the body(something that I badly need). All jaspers help balance the emotional energy in the body.(probably how I can manage to cope with all the serious traumas I have been through)

Healing properties of Jasper

Jasper comes in many colors. All colors of Jasper will help balance the vibrations of the body. (STRANGE THAT I CAN SENSE VIBRATIONS) Jasper is slow to show a change to the person, but is such a basic “good” stone that one should always have it on hand.

Red Jasper helps with the sense of smell. It also promotes physical energy.


are these just coincidences or did these cats “choose” me too ?

DOG HEALING 26 feb 2012

Posted in animals, crystal healing experiences with tags , on February 26, 2012 by Psychic eevee
please excuse the awful photos of me, I was in the middle of a chronic fatigue flare !! (and yes I did wash my face after the kisses from Max, as an ex dental nurse I am pleased to inform you that a dogs mouth is actually cleaner than a humans !)anyway, I go for healing with my meditation teacher, she is training to do something new and I have been her test subject because my illness has so many symptoms I am a good subject to work on,

sometimes her group do higher dimensional absent healing for people and she suggested that I could put my dogs names on the list, last week the black dog was literally dying, he is 15 years old and was rushed to the vets where he was disagnosed with a throat infection and a touch of pneumonia, with anti biotics it started to clear up but I thought that absent healing might help him, because he still has a cough

I also put my other dogs name on the list because he has arthritis of the back legs, he is nearly 13.

all I had to do was spent 15 minutes quiet time with them

Max, the black one did not cough once during the healing session, he was leaping around like a puppy and *cough* trying to mount my leg, he has not done that for years…it was like he regressed back to puppy hood

Snickers, the brown dog was very chilled out , I spent half of the time doing the “om ” chant, he even tried to copy me ! he decided that my legs needed healing (which they do..I am sometimes in a wheelchair) he held onto my leg which was quite strange, it seemed to be a kind of mutual healing session : )

you can see the trust in his eyes, he is almost looking at me as if to say ” am I doing this right “

more kisses from Max once the healing was overyou can see Snickers holding on to my arm, I have problems here too and have had to have an operation

if you are on facebook and want to put your name, someone elses name, an animals name down for sunday night healing ( usually 9pm-9.15 pm and just requires you or the person /animal to spend that time in quiet contemplation ) then do visit the Higher Dimension Healing Foundation page

click here

andthishappens wrote on Feb 27
I have always believed that about dogs licks…most people gross out….:)

debieo wrote on Feb 27
That is so interesting.

readingsbyeevee wrote on Feb 27

I have always believed that about dogs licks…most people gross out….:)

dogs licks are healing , my dogs always know when I have had an operation and where the wound is !!
I saw a tv programme once about dogs that are trained to sniff out cancer, it was amazing

readingsbyeevee wrote on Feb 27
debieo said

That is so interesting.

thanks, it was quite amazing at the time that my dog seemed to want to heal me


Posted in crystal healing experiences with tags on January 4, 2012 by Psychic eevee

I chose the wand shaped crystal / stone

at this meditation group we had a new member called Steph, she was very nice
while I was sitting talking to her and Claire was out of the room my crutches moved by themselves
where they were positioned down the side of the sofa ,wedged in with cushions it was not really possible, lights started flickering too, I did not see any of this as paranormal but rather a build up of energy, which is basically how poltergeist activity presents itself, the build up of energy usually from a deeply stressed person or a teenager, any way I will not go into that because that is more for my paranormal website…but on this occasion I think it showed the energy between the group members and the fact that a new person had joined

we were asked to pick a crystal or stone and strangely Steph and I both chose a mookite without watching each other
the mookite I found out symbolises : earth connection, spirits of ancestors and trees…I am BIG on trees at the moment, I go cosmic ordering in the woods, hug trees, read the runes which are tree related and get very upset at people cutting down trees !

Claire chose a garnet, both those stones have love connections : ) and part of the meditation group is to do a love meditation at the end that we send out to everyone

we went into a chamber, a kind of bell…this was a new year , new start kind of meditation, the sound of the bell resonating was meant to help with shedding anything bad from the previous year

Steph had an experience that she described as “Dr Who” like
when Claire told us to picture light particles in our body coming out, growing darker and dissapearing (along with things we wanted to shed ) I saw bright butterflies inside me that then turned into moths, it is interesting that I saw butterfies leaving me, I have been kind of snowed under with spirits, the butterfly symbolises spirit, it also symbolises my illness, when they had turned into moths they hit the wall and slid down and stayed there in a pile on the floor…Claire said it was unusual and she thought it symbolised that I needed more work, wether in a healing sense or a spiritual sense, it is usual for the symbolism of butterflies to work the other way round, Ie they go INTO the person.

I had been having a rage that day about my landlords so that may be why the butterflies turned into dark moths, and slid down the wall and stayed there…that is much like our situation with said landlords !

I actually heard the bell chiming in my ears but then again I do have tinnitus

this meditation was to use the power of the red ray (will power)
we went through a poppy meadow to a magnolia tree that we sat under, this was funny to me because I recently had an argument with my landlords about the colour magnolia I saw the magnolia flowers fall to my feet and they then turned into a lamb that I went skipping off withthe lamb being a symbol of the spring equinox could mean I am lined up for “rebirth” and changes .
I did not see much red during this meditation
my meditation was peaceful and I can now note a month later that the willpower seems to have worked because I have cut right down on cigarettes and comfort food, both things I have battled with for years and years

unfortunately Steph had a horrible experience during this meditation and had to be “grounded” by Claire
at the same time I saw a tall thin man in front of Steph, he had very unsettling vibes, he was antagonistic and bizarrely I saw him with a violin ! this did not mean anything to anyone at the time so I wonder who he was and why he felt the need to invade Stephs aura

I think the meditation went well for me due to my love of trees and the fact that I picked the mookite , not knowing it symbolised trees ! trees figure a lot in my spiritual and psychic work

I felt so drawn to the mookite wand that I felt I had to take a photo of it so that I could look at it all the time, my next step is to buy my own one

during our usual love meditation that we do at the end of each session to send love out to the world I saw the world as a helium balloon and saw my hand reaching out to grab the ribbon on it…I do often feel that my world is slipping away

what I found interesting is this :
Mookaite jasper,  also known as mookite, mookalite, mookerite, moakite, moukalite and moukaite
my cat is called Jasper, and I have a friend with the surnam Moukhin who is going through a tough time at the moment, fascinating that I was drawn to this stone, not only because of the tree link but also these two reasons


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Oct 27, ’11 2:18 PM
for everyone

the other week my crystal lady asked if I would like absent healing but this time it would be carried out by her and her team members at the school where she learns her crystal healing, I jumped at the chance,

all I had to do was just lay there and relax as usual
this is what happened :
I was not as relaxed as usual because I was in lots of pain with my hips and pelvis
I saw a large room with a light wood floor and a circle of pink and lilac candles (the group ? )
I saw a large clear crystal in the centre (the leader ?)
I felt a prod in my back in line with my solar plexus chakra
there was a warmth and tingling around my feet
I saw a crown (could symbolise the crown chakra)
I saw people with no faces moving their hands in a circular motion as though they were trying to hold the earth.
I saw a black cat about 4 or 5 times, he could be my power animal or suggesting that I try “witchcraft” (only the GOOD kind)
I felt jolted around quite a lot
I saw a helicopter and a micro lite aircraft.
and the part that worried me..I saw the channel tunnel caving in and collapsing, this could of course be a premonition OR could symbolise that I am not ready to be a psychic “channeller ” as yet.
I then fell asleep !!! but I woke exactly half an hour later
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rosiefielding2 wrote on Oct 27, ’11
Interesting indeed, you are tuned in but maybe need to relax a little more …. very hard for some people …. I too just find it hard to relax fully…maybe because I have an over reactive mind !

readingsbyeevee wrote on Oct 27, ’11

Interesting indeed, you are tuned in but maybe need to relax a little more …. very hard for some people …. I too just find it hard to relax fully…maybe because I have an over reactive mind !

I am normally easily able to get into a meditative state (I have used meditation for years) but because I was in so much pain it was really difficult on that occasion : (

nylabluesmom wrote on Oct 27, ’11
I haven’t the calm you had with that session Eevee…I can vaguely feel if someone is doing pyschic healing from afar…my senses dulled because of all the meds over the years I think….I am glad you did receive some comfort….hope you are having a better day today!! ‚̧

readingsbyeevee wrote on Oct 31, ’11

I haven’t the calm you had with that session Eevee…I can vaguely feel if someone is doing pyschic healing from afar…my senses dulled because of all the meds over the years I think….I am glad you did receive some comfort….hope you are having a better day today!! ‚̧

this was not as successful as previous sessions, mainly because I was in so much pain with my pelvis so was not able to concentrate much : (