Health and desperation !

There are serious concerns about my health at the moment,I have a lot of chronic conditions, I often have more than one thing going on at once (in fact there is not one day goes by when i dont have something )and I normally grit my teeth through it all,but never have I has this […]

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CHILI AND JASPER (more cat coincidences)

you have already read about how my latest cat Freya seemed to choose me, well there are some other cat coincidences in my life first lets talk about Chili it was not until about three years ago that my Son worked out that Chili is a  Norwegian forest cat, it was not until last year […]

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DOG HEALING 26 feb 2012

please excuse the awful photos of me, I was in the middle of a chronic fatigue flare !! (and yes I did wash my face after the kisses from Max, as an ex dental nurse I am pleased to inform you that a dogs mouth is actually cleaner than a humans !)anyway, I go for […]

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I chose the wand shaped crystal / stone at this meditation group we had a new member called Steph, she was very nice while I was sitting talking to her and Claire was out of the room my crutches moved by themselves where they were positioned down the side of the sofa ,wedged in with […]

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Oct 27, ’11 2:18 PM for everyone   the other week my crystal lady asked if I would like absent healing but this time it would be carried out by her and her team members at the school where she learns her crystal healing, I jumped at the chance,   all I had to do […]

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