Litha (summer solstice) 2017

We were unable to go to the woods and watch the sunrise like we normally do due to my hips 😦 even if they were mobile I would not have made it,we are having an unbearable heatwave which I cannot cope with,I have seizures in the heat,so we just did a little ceremony in our […]

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Three good things !?

Well this is a first ,three good things in two days, that is very rare ! First I won the oracle set (previous blog) Then I got a free set of Wiccan charms from eBay this morning Sorry ,bad photo And also today we discovered a refund on our electricity,it wasn’t a huge amount,but every […]

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Psychic duck !?

Its so cold and frosty we have had to keep willow in the house,she is quite happy in the hall In her cat bed near the radiator thank you very much,but something spooky is going on,some birds Imitate noises, the dogs used to live in that hall,she has started barking and staring where they used […]

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The egg coincidence

Well I never, Our duck laid the tiniest egg ever next to one of her huge ones ,we’ve never seen this before so I looked it up incase it means she is unwell or something,she’s fine,it can be normal Duck eggs are much bigger than chicken eggs anyway (and much tastier) but girl chickens and […]

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