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This was really freaky on Marcs 70th birthday !

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We were watching a TV programme about saxophone players that we had recorded onto our sky box on Marc Bolans 70th birthday,we did not watch it the night it recorded because we were watching Marc tribute programmes

So when we did play it back we found something spooky,firstly we watched the programme and of course Bowie was on it and I complained that they should have showed him playing sax !!

And that is why I had recorded it,to see him playing sax ,not singing !

The programme ended ,my sky box is set up to record an extended ten minutes after a programme in case it runs over ,this programme had not ran over and this particular channel does not have a ridiculous amount of adverts like most,because it is “sky arts” and basically it had a brief one minute ad for another programme.

Marc popped up out of nowhere !! It was NOT a TV programme ! He was just there,it was NOT part of the two tribute programmes shown,that were not even on that channel

But what was eerie is that the video (I have never seen this one before) looks exactly like a paranormal method called ITC which is where you film feedback from an empty TV channel on a loop through a camcorder (I tried that experiment once and it freaked me out)

This looks so like ITC (check out the schole experiment !)

The video cut off halfway through which it should not have done because like I said,its set up to record for an extended ten minutes and had only recorded for an extra three.

I realised it may be because it was during the time Marc was putting on weight and not happy with himself 😦

Did I capture yet another example of the famous Bowie/Bolan friendly rivalry ? 😉

This is not the first time they have “fought” over my TV.

Well I checked out the video,it does exist,its for the song “light of love” but its still creepy how it looks like ITC, how it just appeared and how it vanished half way through !!

I did do a spirit box session after this on marcs birthday but as usual that will be on my private Facebook

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My favourite protection stone

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Well this was a coincidence, I was making a protection necklace from a black tourmaline because I get badly affected by emf and infrasound ,both trigger my tinnitus and hypercasis….

And on Facebook that thing they have where “memories” show up showed this at the exact same time

Black tourmaline is a fabulous stone because it protects from not only emf and infrasound but also negative energies coming from toxic people or negative spirits.

Emf and infrasound can cause feelings similar to “hauntings” and I always consider them on investigations,a lot of people report hauntings in basements which can be full of infrasound and emf ,making what is known as a “fear cage” people then get feelings of : being watched,headaches,nausea ,corner of the eye phenomena and they can start thinking they can see shadow figures,it doesn’t mean the location is haunted,we recently investigated a house where there was a particular area in the kitchen where these things were reported, my emf meter read 12mg in the middle of the kitchen which was ridiculously high,it was coming from a socket,I also suspected there may be a leyline running through there,I didn’t have my dowsing rods with me but the house owner did research later and found it to be true. Ley lines have natural emf energy and a lot of “haunted houses” are built on them !

Once we investigated a flat that used to be an old shop,it still had strip lighting all round the top of the living room in an unbroken border near the top of the ceiling,that place sure was a “fear cage”and the lighting was the culprit of all the paranormal feelings !

Black tourmaline is good to keep near electrical items ,NEVER use clear quartz as that will magnify their emf ,we use clear quartz to magnify spirit voices during evp only,because old fashioned radios contain quartz,but they are not good to use to ward off emf.

This website explains the scientific properties behind it

Its a really good website that I cannot recommend highly enough.
I suffer really bad migraines and ocular strokes that can also be triggered by emf and infrasound and they have lessened since I’ve started wearing my necklace.

Infrasound is usually inaudible to the human ear but due to my hypercasis (6 times clearer hearing than average,not helped by years of training my ears to listen out for low frequency evps !!) I can unfortunately hear it !

You do need to cleanse this stone a lot though if you wear it, burying it in salt over night,smudging with sage,leaving out in moonlight,passing through a cleansing incense or rinsing with spring water should be done at least once a week and then “programme” it by asking it to “detect,deflect and protect” for you.They are very inexpensive ,about £2 for a good size one on ebay,and you can buy the necklace cages on there for about £1,or you can just carry one in your pocket or buy a bracelet made of chipped versions of the stone,they are usually about £3-4
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The anniversary recording

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Last night I was watching some paranormal programs and getting annoyed with them so instead I watched for the millionth time “interview with a poltergeist” as I knew the head investigator of the Enfield case, he dealt with my poltergeist while I was also living in Enfield and told me I would end up being an investigator myself.

After I watched that I went upstairs and the lamp on the landing turned itself off then there were three loud thumps on the bookcase near my head, I assumed it was to do with the poltergeist case so I got out a spirit box and started recording,

The recording was like nothing I have ever heard before,I could hear explosions and falling metal,I listened for about five minutes before I realised the date…11th sept !!

Hubby came to listen as well and we were slightly freaked out if I am honest because we seemed to be listening to a replay, and no one would want to hear that

Here is a rough transcription ,I do not think I will post the recording yet as I do not wish to upset anyone as it is such a dreadful subject

But all the way through we could hear,explosion s,loud thumps,crackling like fire,metal dropping and voices that sounded like they were down tunnels (stairwells ?)

We even heard sirens


“Get out” (as in escape)


Crackling fire

“Go left” (instructions from a rescuer?)


“You don’t remember” or “your in danger”

I ask them to slow down a bit


“Move up” ( did they think they were safer moving up a few floors ?)

“Over” ( like the sign out signal on a cb radio)

“He’s dying”

“Help help”


“Window” (this made me shudder)

A lot of door slamming

“Save him”


Lots of falling metal




Calling down tunnels or stairwells

“Yes” when we discussed if that was what we were hearing 


Crackling like fire

“Help” on a radio



I ask for names



” ……. with you ”


A woman calling someone


Lots of unknown sentences,all very echoing

“………with me”

“Manson” or “mason”

After I mention them looking for the light …”heaven heaven”

I say “if you so believe in heaven” (I am advising them how to free themselves) “yes”

I say “you don’t want to be stuck there”



I Say “look for the white light”

“I have”

I tell them to follow it


“Your leading me”


I ask “do you need help”



I ask “is this a time recording”




“Trying to get to heaven”


I will admit the whole recording spooked me, it was so unlike anything I have heard before,I thought maybe it was a time recording due to hearing the sirens,falling metal and things like that but I did get answers to some questions ! 

I have never attempted to make contact with spirits from tragedies such as this,it is just not how I work, that is what made it so shocking,it was not my intention !!

I feel awful that 15 years later some of those poor people are still reliving what happened, I really hope they can move on to the light and I will be doing a healing ritual to try and help,I felt so uncomfortable with the whole thing that I stopped contact after 15 minutes and do not wish to repeat it.

I will probably post the recording on my Facebook just for my close friends to listen to because I am not trying to “go viral” its all way too sad and would be disrespectful to do so, I know there are investigators that would love the chance to get well known with a recording such as this ,but its not my style, I only wish peace for the victims and their relatives.

(C) eevee 2016

Paranormal case (ref CA) spirit voice magnet !!!

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Oh my gosh NEVER in all my years have I had so many evps at one location !!
I’m not even through all the recordings yet but from one of them I have ELEVEN pages of mostly full sentences gathered in only FOUR minutes ,that’s impossible

A lot of them are for me,my dad came through clear as day but lots and lots seem relevant to your case
One made me shiver,got the name “Caroline” well she’s the murdered woman whose parents lived in your road and she haunted my old house ,hope she is not going to follow me again
Anyway lots of other names also came up
It would take me all day to type it all up and as I said ,I haven’t gone through all the recordings and have not even started on the videos yet !
But don’t worry,it doesn’t mean all these people haunt your house they were probably drawn to me from all over the place and probably the cemetery.
When I have gone through everything we will all meet up and I will play them all to you,will take a long time though,will also give you copies on disc

Some of the names so far,don’t know if you recognise any :
Ben (but I know who that is)
Richard (I know who that is)
Holly (think that is relevant to me)
Jackson (our neighbour who died was Fred Jackson)
Mark or Mort
May (think that’s previous tenant of my house)
Terry (mentioned by two different voices)
Myson (I had an ex with that surname)
My name,both versions ..Emma and eevee
Various accents.. American,Scottish (my grandad ?) Cockney (definitely my dad)
It really is bizarre

It does not mean all these people mentioned are passed on,could be spirits wanting to talk to living people with these names

Evps verified by Darren ,a few we heard totally different things which is normal,so would be interesting to see what you guys can hear

Footnote : I have always specialised in evp contact but in the over 30 years of doing this no have never had so many in one night and so many full sentences,I wish I could post them or write exactly what they say but it goes against my confidentiality policy !!
Its always the “quiet” investigations where seemingly not much happens that I get great evps