My favourite protection stone

Well this was a coincidence, I was making a protection necklace from a black tourmaline because I get badly affected by emf and infrasound ,both trigger my tinnitus and hypercasis…. And on Facebook that thing they have where “memories” show up showed this at the exact same time Black tourmaline is a fabulous stone because […]

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The Bolan evps

I am a big fan of Marc Bolan so I decided to see what I could get on the 39th anniversary of his passing I used various devices and will UPDATE when I’ve been through them all but this was the first one **** A lot of windy weather heard,wonder if it was windy that […]

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The anniversary recording

IF YOU WERE DEEPLY AFFECTED BY 9\11 DO NOT READ THIS !! Last night I was watching some paranormal programs and getting annoyed with them so instead I watched for the millionth time “interview with a poltergeist” as I knew the head investigator of the Enfield case, he dealt with my poltergeist while I was […]

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