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My accuracy list

EVERYONE is born psychic,it is not as unusual as you may think….
caveman was psychic he had to be in order to survive and because he did not havefully formed speech.
all children are psychic,to them it is nothing unusual so they do not fear it,when they are older most of them lose the is drummed out of them or they learn to fear “ghosts” and shut it out.
children with imaginary friends probably dont have imaginary friends at all but are communicating

ith spirits ! when they get to the age of uunderstanding not only do their “friends” vanish but so does the inbuilt psychic ability.

women tend to be more sensitive to spirits and more psychic or precognative,hence why woman have “womens intuition” this is one reason that we investigate alot with only women,not because we are sexist but because we tend to get better results.most of the times we have caught what we believe to be full apparitions on photos it has been when only women are present….with the Mary Ann apparition we made sure that we gained the spirit in questions trust and she paid us back by showing herself,we do not think this would have happened if men had been present,especially as Mary Ann had been killed by her husband (see Mary anns ghost page which is under 2005 investigation section)
we have noticed that most investigators in our team become more open and witness more the longer they stay in the group,we have even managed to change the mind of some sceptics !

i have always had the ability…but fear of it prevented me from using it properly and back fired in a big way…….see the POLTERGEIST page to see how it started for me.

since completing a psychic development course and attending some psychic classes i am now learning to fear less and use my ability in the correct way….of course i would not class myself as a medium yet and i am by no means an expert but just lately i have been suprising myself !! i still question myself when i come up with “info” i try and fob it off as a lucky guess,it might be at times of course,but alot of the time it cant possibly be.
it takes years of practise and meditation exercises to open up and it is also very important to learn to close down for your own safety.

if you think you would like to open up your psychic ability a good place to start is a spiritualist church that has an open circle or a paranormal team that also works on psychic ability and experiments.practise on anyone you can…and practise some more !

regarding visiting mediums for a reading please be careful…if they charge money (unless it is to go to charity) be very very wary as they are likely to not be sincere (being psychic is a gift and you do not charge for gift giving !) some people are not mediums at all and just experts at what is known as COLD READING,this is a method that seems to gain them info from the spirit world when in actual fact they are just reading you by guessing from your body language (Derren Brown the psychological “magician” has studied this and it is very interesting) for example a cold reader could say “i sense a man in uniform” and the client is very likely to say yes because most people have had a male relative along the years who was either in WW1 or WW2 or more recently the Falklands etc

steer well clear of psychic phone lines that cost £2.50 per minute…rip off (c) hgh uk (E Vachos)

Any info i get “given” i record straight away (usually by emailing myself) and i get as many witnesses as i can (for example that was very important with the Suffolk Murders case) i keep any proof such as newspaper cuttings that match my info AFTER the date………………………………….

(1) i have “remote viewed” many different houses that i have never been to…down to the ornaments and decor.
(2)i described the whole town where my friend grew up,this was up North and not somewhere i had been.
(3)i predicted oliver cromwell waliking up the stairs at a top secret location and minutes later we got a full apparition of his face on a photo.
(4)i saw a nurse at nuns bridge before i had researched it and found out there was a nurse linked there.
(5)i predicted the time of my grans death to the minute and since then have woken up every morning at that time
(6)in a pub i asked the landlord who the large lady wearing the apron was in the cellar,i had the name Bertha and he almost fainted with shock…it was his grand mother
(7)at a top secret location i visited during the day i saw a lady in a green dress in the library i got the name Marsha (which was the only room i went in) a year later we got to investigate there and found that a lady called Martha was linked to the building,we also photographed the bottom of a green dress and found a painting of a lady in green.
(8)i got all the info correct for a young lad who had drowned.
(9) i sensed a small boy who had fallen down stairs in my friends house and split his head open,a few months later we filmed a 2 year old child who was visiting,staring at the stairs and saying “cut head”
(10)i got the name percival rogers at a cemetery,research afterwards showed he worked for the land registary and would have visited there as part of his job.
(11)i sensed a man who had died of drugs in our old house,was able to draw him and describe him,people who knew him confirmed a lot of it.
(12)i sensed a highway man was linked to the area…he was
(13)i sensed a lot of correct info about a woman who died in our area…alot of it was confirmed.
(14)at a house we were investigating i sensed a man who had died of industrial breathing problems i said his name was Robert,we later found out that there used to be a mill chimney on the exact spot as the house,we also found out that local people living in flats nearby nicknamed their ghost BOB…i also picked up the name Huckle on EVP this was confirmed later on the census reports.

(15) while having psychic classes i picked up on my tutors childhood almost exactly
(16) i dreamt since childhood of a big white building with statues in a pool….we found it later and it was walthamstow town hall…..there was a pool in the front and statues at the back.
(17)i picked up the full name of the lady who previously owned a friends house.
(18)i asked a friend why i kep seeing traffic lights and a fish and chip shop sign…she said that was a description of where her brother was murdered.
(19)i dreamt my friend in USA had a fire in her house…a few weeks later she had to have the place rewired as it could have caused a fire !
(20)the day before my husbands nan died i dreamt i saw our car driving away over the horizon (she bought that car for us !) here death was unexpected.
(21) i dreamt there was a tornado…a few days later it was in the paper
(22) i dreamt that London had a huge black out…the next day they did.
(23) i picked up on a boat party that had sunk…i thought it was to do with the 1980’s marchioness disaster but the next day it was on the news that a woman had drowned overboard at a party on a boat.
(24)i picked up on a little boy in a cemetery who was not buried there but had been evactuated to the area in the war and liked to play in the graveyard……we came home with a WW2 era boy in a photo and evp saying “mummy”,at the same cemetery i sensed a previous vicar we came home with a vicar apparition photo and evp saying “do some praying”
(25)in a house investigation i drew a little girl and the owner had drawn exactly the same a few weeks before.
(26) i picked up on a druid/monk type figure in a field and found out later a hooded figure had been seen by numerous locals.
(27)i sensed a pile of bodies in a football field,found out it had been an anthrax burial ground.
(28)i am often drawn to certaing charity shops and feel i must go in them,everytime i do i find something that i have been looking for for years !
(29)i often feel that someone should check their bank,they usually refuse saying they have no money in account or are not expecting any…when they check there is unexplained money in their account.
(30)i asked a friend if the name sally ann meant anything to him and it was someone he went to school with.
(31)i saw a black dog in my house (so did my son) later we found out that the day/time we had seen it our mother in laws black dog had died.
(32)i had been visiting my friend and all the way home i kept getting a mans name and something about cricket…when i next saw her i was shocked (but not as much as her )that it was her fathers name and she showed me a tattoo she had on her back that i had never seen before that had her fathers name on it…same name,she said he didnt like cricket but at the pub we investiagted a few days later,cricket pads were found upstairs and later research told us that the last person to live there when it was a house was a cricketer.

(33) at the same pub i sensed a little girl falling,everyone heard a little girl screaming as if she was falling that night, after i had said….(later research found that a little girl had died falling in a well nearby,we came home with a little girl on EVP and on photos) i also sensed an evil presence (also photographed and it was in the room that no one liked/i did not tell them straight away which room) i sensed a man who didnt like women in the kitchen,three female investigators were effected by him and we captured his angry voice telling them to get out.
(34) before my brother was born i saw a little boy with huge blond ringlets in our house…my brother had unusaully curly hair !
(35) i ahd a very very strange experience while visiting David Blaine in his box…i do not wish to put more about it at the moment but i do have witnesses,photographic and video evidence.
(36) i got both the suspects names for the SUFFOLK MURDERS ten days before…i drew a similar picture of one,stated he had links to a shop (he worked in a supermarket)and wore a blue hat (he was shown wearing a blue hat in a photo,i said that he had links to the emergency services (he was a special police constable in the past)i stated the second suspect drove for a job(he was a fork lift driver) was older and had reddish blond hair,i got the number 71,his door number was 79…i had witnesses to all this and recorderd the info i was getting by email to myself !!!!
(37) i dreamt that one of my little brothers was on drugs and when i woke up we found a syringe and needle in the front room.
(38) for a few days in our new house i could smell really strong burning,it was so bad i went around and checked all the sockets etc for signs of scorch marks,none could be found,the smell only lasted for a day…later research showed that a huge fire had burnt many houses down in the village hundreds of years ago…i smelt the burning on the anniversary date.
(39) standing outside a pub we were investigating myself and another investigator could small burning that was so strong we were having trouble breathing,when we went in and told the landlord he said that in the past the whole street had burnt down apart from the pub !
(40) investiigating the house in Norfolk i got the names doris cooper and charlotte merry,the owner researched when i left and found that these names are linked to the area
(41)talking to a friend in another country on the net i picked up on a name that was quite unusual and it turns out to be a previous owner of the house over 100 years ago.
(42) i did a reading for someone i had met for only 5 mins before and got about 83 % correct.
(43) when we investigated the local cemetery near my house i saw a little girl in the cemetery a few times and she was always in the same area but no headsone nearby marked a little girl it was not until after that researched showed that a girls skeleton had been found at the airfield in the past and she was buried in an unmarked grave in the local cemetery ! the girl had given me her name in a dream and research showed a girl of the same age and name.
(44) i dreamt that i saw my mother in law sick in an armchair…..she phoned a couple of days later (we had not spoken to her in months) to say she was going for some health tests.
(45) i dreamt i saw an aircraft fall out of the sky in a field nearhere a few nights later we were on a ghost hunt in a local field and saw 2 helicopters,the next day on the news it said that a local millionaire had crashed his helicopter in a field at almmost the same time of the morning i had dreamt it was.

(46)during automatic writing at a clients house i write a huge W on the page,the owners of the house were astounded because earlier that day when we were not there they had been asking each other which letter of the alphabet had two sylabels !

(47)the first time i went to my friend michaels mothers house i was fussing up her dog and asked how old the black and white dog was that went in the other room..her face went pale…i had seen a dog of hers that had died many years before,i could have sworn he was real !!

(48) i saw a red car spinning round about four times on the road outside our house and crashing………………..this happened to my cousins friend,outside our house,in a red car which spun FOUR times and he sadly died (about 2 years before we moved here !!)

(49) the man i saw by the road with no face (see faceless spirit post) was seen in the area where a man she knew died in a crash,the spirit i saw fits the bodily description of this man,i asked why he may have shown himself with no face and she said his face was smashed in during the accident !!

(50) CREDIT GOES TO MY HUSBAND WHO GOT THIS CORRECT my husband saw a man and woman standing down a country road and was baffled as to why they would be standing there and dressed in summer clothes in the winter,my cousin knew of a couple who died on this road when they tried to walk home in the dark,they died in the summer

these things i did not know as i hardly ever see my cousin and we are new to this area !

THESE COULD BE LUCKY GUESSES OF COURSE !!! but i do seem to be getting more and more “hits”