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Quick reading with oracle I won ,to help find lost plug of all things

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So ,my hubby went to clean out the ducks big bath,which is an actual bathtub you would have in a house,we have it in the garden,he tipped it upside down and lost the plug,for a week he hunted high and low …that area of the garden is overgrown and we throw our weeds and grass cuttings there,no luck,its an old bronze style plug not a plastic white one so we knew it would not be easy to see..he bought a plug,it didn’t fit.

I told him to try the new oracle set that he won for me,we nearly fell over when he got these cards

FAMILIAR: well the duck is my familiar, and for the past week a black cat has been appearing in our front garden.

CHALICE :symbolises water, we needed the plug to put water in the bath

Really hard to read but it says “something that has been missing will turn up” !! We both looked at each other and said “no way ” !


Really hard to read but it says the element for the west is water and the tool is chalice (basic Wiccan knowledge but interesting that both cards were pulled together)

when we went out in the garden we tried the lost object spell and I tried my pendulum, which has a high success rate of finding things,I filmed the test to show how a pendulum is used,it was going bonkers in the WEST !! giving a strong YES answer but it was getting tough to narrow it down in quite a large area …I did test all other areas where it clearly said no ,in the east,south and north, it was also pouring with rain …remember chalice=water as does west ! And the rain was starting to get in my tablet so we had to abandon.
The next day,the plug was found.!!! Slightly off from west ,I didn’t  film it because we could just be accused of setting it up as it was not a continuous video,but those who know me,know I do not lie

ELEMENT RUNES AND GODDESS STONES (and a quick reading re my problem)

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over the last few days I have been making more oracle / rune sets

this top set is a tiny elemental rune set that fits in my handbag


a larger set of elemental stones, these can be pulled out when you need to know which kind of “power” you need to resolve a situation, i.e if you have a problem you may need to fight it with FIRE (not so much anger as in assertiveness) or AIR ( you may need to do a lot of talking, you may need to get some space first and clear your head ) WATER (you may need to take a cleansing ritual bath or go somewhere in nature where there is a water source to clear your head and gain insight) EARTH ( you may find that grounding yourself by walking barefoot on the ground will help you to face your problems with strength) SPIRIT ( perhaps you can communicate with your guide, or look deep into your own spirit by meditating)

you will notice that these are all the elements that the pentagram symbolises



I also made a set of Goddess runes, yes you are seeing correctly, there are stones with male and femaleĀ genitalsĀ on, they can be advising you to ask a male or female for advice, they can be telling you which kind of spell could help,,male : a sun spell or female : a moon spell

there is no need to follow books when learning any kind of runes, you can get the basic idea then you will make your own meanings

for example, there have been a few family problems lately in regard to my Grand daughter, I asked who could solve the issue and pulled out the female stone


so that is telling me that either myself, my Grand daughters mother or another female relative can ease the strain of the situation..I do know that I have been misunderstood and need to talk to babies Mother to clear some things up, so it was rather amazing to pic that out of all the stones the first time that I used them

the small element runes are made on tiny wooden branch discs that I bought from ebay, I have made larger runes with larger ones

the other runes are made with shiny river stones that have been painted with chrome paint and then given lots of coats of artists clear laquer,

you need not spend a fortune on runes, often it is best to make your own because they will from the very start be imprinted with your energy

if you buy them from a shop or get them from someone else be sure to cleanse them first, many Wiccan sites will tell you the full cleansing ritual which is long winded

but an easy way to do it is wash them in spring water (bottled will do ) then leave them out in the light of the full moon for a night